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A JavaScriptError is thrown when FileExplorer with enabled AsyncUplaod is used for multiple files uploading in IE. The message of the error is:
JavaScript runtime error: Object doesn't support property or method 'get_allowMultiRowSelection'

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/fileexplorer/examples/asyncupload/defaultcs.aspx in IE10
2. Open the FileExplorer's Upload dialog
3. Select 2 or more files for upload
4. Click the Upload button

Result: A JavaScript error is thrown.
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Release R1 2016
When users quickly select different folders in the TreeView and content is still loading, the caching mechanism of FileExplorer fails and loads incorrect data to the last selected folder. 
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2021 13:16 by ADMIN
Release Q3 2012
Last Updated: 20 May 2021 19:57 by grill
Release R2 2021 SP1

There is a scroll and the Upload button is partially hidden when the Bootstrap skin is used in Classic render mode:

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2020 11:22 by ADMIN
FileExplorer does not persist the scrolling position of its tree pane when a folder from the tree is selected in LW (and both horizontal and vertical sroll-bars are shown).

video - http://screencast.com/t/gG0l8Vbf7
Last Updated: 11 Jun 2020 14:27 by ADMIN
Release R2 2020 SP1

Reproduction code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    RadToolBarDropDown dropDown = new RadToolBarDropDown("PageSize");
    dropDown.CssClass = "perPageDropDown";
    dropDown.EnableImageSprite = false;
    // dropDown.Text = GetGlobalResourceObject("Insight", "Per pagina")
    // dropDown.ToolTip = GetGlobalResourceObject("Insight", "Per pagina")

<telerik:RadFileExplorer RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="FileExplorer1" Width="595px" Height="350px"
    AllowPaging="true" PageSize="10">
    <Configuration EnableAsyncUpload="true" ViewPaths="~/"
        UploadPaths="~/" DeletePaths="~/"></Configuration>

Last Updated: 08 May 2020 15:51 by ADMIN
Release R2 2017
Changing the paths of FileExplorer dynamically leads to popping an alert message for "non-existing folder" even in no InitialPath has been set. After closing the alert RadFileExplorer gets bound successfully.

video: http://screencast.com/t/NSGjo8moC5eL

The bug is introduced in version 2015.2.729.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Run the following code:
<telerik:RadFileExplorer ID="RadFileExplorer1" runat="server">
     <Configuration ViewPaths="~/" />
<telerik:RadButton ID="Btn1" runat="server" Text="Change ViewPath" OnClick="Btn1_Click"></telerik:RadButton>

protected void Btn1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    RadFileExplorer1.InitialPath = "/Bin";
    RadFileExplorer1.Configuration.ViewPaths = new string[] { "~/Bin" };

2. Click the "Change ViewPath" button

Result: FileExplorer shows an alert with message "You are navigating to a non-existing folder or do not have proper permissions..."
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Created by: Van
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Category: FileExplorer
Type: Bug Report
The folder pane scrolling position is not persisted when the first child folder is selected.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/fileexplorer/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx
2. Add several folders to the last node
3. Scroll down to the bottom and select the first child folder of the last node
Result: The tree is scrolled to top.
Last Updated: 30 Jan 2020 17:07 by ADMIN
Unable to drag and drop in ThumbnailMode when browser zoom level is 90% in Chrome. the problem can be reproduced here:
2. Witch to Thumbnails mode
3. Zoom out the browser to 90%
4. Drag a thumb from the ListView to the TreeView (right to left)
Last Updated: 04 Mar 2019 16:11 by ADMIN
A workaround is to disable the embedded jQuery and use an older version (for example, 1.11.1 which is the previous version the suite used): https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/aspnet-ajax/controls/scriptmanager/disabling-the-embedded-jquery
Last Updated: 03 Aug 2018 16:39 by Kevin Neumann
A workaround is to disable the embedded jQuery and use an older version (for example, 1.11.1 which is the previous version the suite used): https://docs.telerik.com/devtools/aspnet-ajax/controls/scriptmanager/disabling-the-embedded-jquery

Repro steps:

1. put a file explorer on the page
2. right click a file in it and select Rename
3. enter a new name, click OK

Expected: file is renamed

Actual: Firefox throws TypeError: access to strict mode caller function is censored

Sample markup

        <telerik:RadFileExplorer RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="FileExplorer1" Width="520px" Height="310px">
            <Configuration ViewPaths="~/images" UploadPaths="~/images"
Last Updated: 29 Mar 2018 13:11 by ADMIN
Only half of the Select button (the top part) in Upload dialog is clickable in Material, due to the unsufficient height of the .ruFileInput element.

  html .rfeUploadContainer .RadUpload .ruInputs input.ruFileInput {
    height: 50px;

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open https://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/fileexplorer/examples/overview/defaultcs.aspx?skin=Material
2. Open the Upload dialog
3. Try to select a file to upload by clicking the bottom half of the button

Result: The file selection window is not opened
Last Updated: 20 Jun 2017 14:49 by Imported User
If the AsyncUpload control is enabled in the FileExplorer when  and the user uploads more that 1 file, the FileExplorer throws a JavaScript error with the following message:

TypeError: this.control.get_allowMultiRowSelection is not a function
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2017 14:17 by ADMIN
The icon of the confirm dialogs in RadFileExplorer should be center aligned to the text.
Last Updated: 19 Jan 2017 09:35 by ADMIN
The following setup will cause an Invalid Argument error in IE8:

			<div style="display: none;">
					<telerik:RadFileExplorer runat="server" ID="RadFileExplorer1"
											 Width="700px" Height="520px" RenderMode="Lightweight">
											 <Configuration ViewPaths="~/images" />

It can extend to a FileExplorer in a MultiPage, for example.

Solution for the time being is to avoid using RenderMode=Lightweight for IE8
Last Updated: 05 Dec 2016 15:03 by ADMIN
Created by: Vessy
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Category: FileExplorer
Type: Bug Report
RadFileExplorer allows renaming of extentions with capital letters (e.g. IMG, PNG, etc) even if the FileExplorer's AllowFileExtensionRename="false" property is set. As a result, the renamed extension is appended to the file name, and the original ext is kept.

Video: http://screencast.com/t/MNAZqpRS4o5

Steps to reporduce:
        <telerik:RadFileExplorer ID="RadFileExplorer1" runat="server">
            <Configuration ViewPaths="~/Images" UploadPaths="~/Images" DeletePaths="~/Images" AllowFileExtensionRename="false"/>

Run the code above and try to rename a file with capital letters extension.
Last Updated: 05 Dec 2016 09:45 by ADMIN
Created by: Ianko
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Category: FileExplorer
Type: Bug Report
Moving of folder from the tree to the grid works, but event is not raised. Also, there is no other suitable event that handles the situation. 

The following patch will raise the event, but  you should make sure to remove the override once the bug is fixed: 

<telerik:RadFileExplorer RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="FileExplorer1" EnableCopy="true"
    OnClientMove="OnClientMove" OnItemCommand="FileExplorer1_ItemCommand" >
    <Configuration ViewPaths="~/Images" UploadPaths="~/Images"
    var origFunction = Telerik.Web.UI.RadFileExplorer.prototype._onTreeNodeDropping;
    Telerik.Web.UI.RadFileExplorer.prototype._onTreeNodeDropping = function (sender, args) {
        origFunction.call(this, sender, args);
        var destNode = args.get_destNode();
        if (!destNode) {
            var destElement = args.get_htmlElement();
            if (!destElement) return;
            var gridElement = this.get_grid();
            var grid = gridElement != null ? this._isOverElement(destElement, gridElement.get_id()) : null;
            if (grid) {
                var isCopying = this._enableCopy && args.get_domEvent().ctrlKey;
                var eventName = isCopying ? "copy" : "move";
                var args2 = new Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorerEventArgs(this.get_tree().get_selectedNode(), this.get_currentDirectory());
                this.raiseEvent(eventName, args2);
    function OnClientMove(sender, ev) {
        // Do something
Last Updated: 26 Sep 2016 12:23 by ADMIN
The text set to the custom dropdown buttons added to the FileExplorer's Toolbar is not visible in LightWeight rendering, unless the tooltips of the buttons are also configured.

Workaround (set the tooltip of the added button):

            RadToolBarDropDown dropDown = new RadToolBarDropDown("PageSize");
            dropDown.Text = "Page Size";
            dropDown.ToolTip = "Page Size";
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2016 10:54 by ADMIN
No matter what the current page index is, get_currentPageIndex() will return zero if FileExplorer is used in Thumbnails mode.
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