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The search box TextBox element used with the search-as-you-type feature is not focused when you press the Tab key. This happens because the search box is excluded from the tab order (IsTabStop=False).

Use the ChildrenOfType extension method to get the TextBox element and set its IsTabStop to True.

private void gridView_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
	var searchBox = this.gridView.ChildrenOfType<TextBox>().FirstOrDefault(x => x.Name == "PART_SearchAsYouTypeTextBox");
	searchBox.IsTabStop = true;

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Hi Telerik-Team,


When creating a new item in the GridView by either mouse or insert button the row is not selected or highlighted.

I guess this is a bug, since a cell in the new row has focus but not the row.


Best regards,


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In some themes the arrow points up and in other themes the arrow points down. We should make sure that this behavior is consistent across themes. 
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for radgridview,if CanUserFreezeColumns="True" ,
when adjust the FreezeColumnsResizer to the right,and then resize the left colum'width,
if exceed the visual area,these exceed area's column will disappear!
for example,the data virtualization sample for the radgridview,if set the FreezeColumnsResizer
to the 'Unit_Price' column behind,then adjust the 'Product_ID' column width to exceed the visual area,
at last by scroll,you can't find the exceed visual area columns
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The performance of the RadGridView scrolling diminishes significantly when the grid has thousands of rows and alternating row styles are used.  This causes scrolling to be virtually unusable.  I note this is a known limitation of the RadGridView from information from 

We have had to remove the alternating row styles from our current product while porting to the RadGridView.  I am requesting if this issue is going to be fixed in the future anytime soon.
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When RadGridView is bound to a ListCollectionView and the SortDescriptions are set, columns with a SortMemberPath different from the DataMemberBinding don't display the sort indicator in the column header.

In the attached example the "Status" and "ETA" columns are sorted. "Status" header does not display the indicator due to the SortMemberPath being different from the DataMemberBinding.
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The reason for declining the item is that a possible fix for this behavior would practically interfere with the virtualization mechanism of the control. Shortly said, when the columns have their width initially set, RadGridView is aware of the column with the biggest size and performs its calculations based on it. When their size is changed on loading, the control cannot be aware of the size of a column that is not present in the viewport thus, the reported issue is observed. In order this behavior to be modified so, the engine needs to measure an element that is not yet loaded. We cannot commit ourselves to implementing this, as this would affect the virtualization of RadGridView. A possible workaround would be to avoid setting the Width of the columns initially in XAML.
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We are declining this bug as originally the export options were not meant to respect group properties but only some global GridView properties.
However we will add such option in GridViewDocumentExportOptions class.
You can follow this feature request =>
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I have a RadGridView and bind its ItemsSource and its SelectedItem to properties of the ViewModel (DataContext). When the ViewModel is created, the property bound to ItemsSource is filled and the property bound to SelectedItem is set to one of the items in the collection.

However, when the GridView is displayed, the property is first set to null and then set to the first item in the collection. I assume that the binding of the SelectedItem is evaluated before the binding of the ItemsSource, so the grid is empty and the desired item can't be selected. Is there any way to influence the order, in which the binding are evaluated? Or is there any other way to avoid that the SelectedItem is changed?

A similar issue is described here:
Unfortunately, I couldn't to find the support ticket mentioned in this thread.
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When we make frozen column width bigger than the window will hide other columns. Scrolling is applied only to not frozen columns. So we can't scroll to see other columns.

A possible workaround is to set MaxWidth property of the column.
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In an application, I bind a DataTable with many rows to a RadGridView. As soon as, the datatable is binded, I see the memory needed by the application growing. The problem is that the binding is done each time the content of the DataTable is changing. It seems that the memory is never cleared and keep growing until a MemoryException is thrown. This does not appear with a WPF standard GridView. Do you know why ?
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I am setting the status of the item to Declined as the reported behavior is due to the fact that the RowDetailsVisibilityMode is set to VisibleWhenSelected. The default behavior of RadGridView is to split the merged cell when a row with expanded row details is added. Thus, the reported issue you are is the expected one. If setting the RowDetailsVisibilityMode is removed the control will behave as expected. 
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Would you please confirm the following bug? When selecting multiple rows of a *child* RadGridView, with multiple rows having optional nested RadGridViews, scrolling off the content of the WPF app causes the selection of those child grid rows to become unselected after scrolling back to the main selection of the child grid. If you must require a demo in order to get this feature fixed I might be able to extract one based our production application, but basically we have a Telerik grid control with nested grids that we want to maintain child selections on.

Thank you,
John Wilkins
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I have a custom column based on GridViewBoundColumnBase. In it I override GetCellContent. If I bind the column to a nested property (MyProperty.SubProperty), what I return in GetCellContent is not shown, instead the nested property's "raw" value is shown.

Attached is a project illustrating the issue.
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Using Telerik GridView. If a cell is wrapped multi-lines (the more lines the easier to reproduce), and the grid has both vertical and horizontal scrollbars. 
1) Fill one of the cells with a bunch of text in which will cause multi-line text wrapping of within that column.
2) Set focus to a different grid row
3) scroll the vertical scrollbar all the way to the bottom
4) scroll the horizontal scrollbar far enough away to lose visual of the Column
5) scroll the horizontal bar back to the right
Result: the vertical scrollbar will jump.
Expected: The scrollbars should not jump like this as it does not happen when the cell does not contain word-wrapped text.
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