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Open the Demo application >> RichTextEditor>> First Look example and open and empty document. Keep a random key pressed. You are expected to observe delayed text input:

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Release R1 2023
When importing RTF the with specific font the FontSubstituting event is not fired.
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Release R1 2023

To reproduce:

this.radRichTextEditor1.Text = null;

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Use the code below.

1. Click the first button to insert a link.

2. Click inside the link to move the cursor.

3. Click the second button to insert the yellow rectangle

4. Click the third button to export the HTML content.

Actual result: StackOverflow exception occurs

        private void radButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            HyperlinkInfo info = new HyperlinkInfo()
                NavigateUri = "http://www.google.com",
                Target = HyperlinkTargets.Blank,
                IsAnchor = false
            this.radRichTextEditor1.InsertHyperlink(info, "www.google.com");

        private void radButton2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            LightVisualElement button = new LightVisualElement();
            button.Text = "My Button";
            button.DrawFill = true;
            button.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Yellow;
            button.GradientStyle = Telerik.WinControls.GradientStyles.Solid;

            Section section = new Section();
            Paragraph paragraph = new Paragraph();
            InlineUIContainer container = new InlineUIContainer();
            RadElementUIContainer radContainer = new RadElementUIContainer(button);
            container.UiElement = radContainer;
            container.Height = 25;
            container.Width = 70;
            RadDocument doc = new RadDocument();
            radRichTextEditor1.InsertFragment(new DocumentFragment(doc));

        private void radButton3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Telerik.WinForms.Documents.Model.RadDocument document = radRichTextEditor1.Document;

            Telerik.WinForms.Documents.FormatProviders.Html.HtmlFormatProvider provider = new Telerik.WinForms.Documents.FormatProviders.Html.HtmlFormatProvider();

            provider.ExportSettings.InlineUIContainerExporting += ExportSettings_InlineUIContainerExporting;

            provider.ExportSettings.DocumentExportLevel = Telerik.WinForms.Documents.FormatProviders.Html.DocumentExportLevel.Fragment;
            provider.ExportSettings.ExportFontStylesAsTags = true;
            provider.ExportSettings.SpanExportMode = Telerik.WinForms.Documents.FormatProviders.Html.SpanExportMode.DefaultBehavior;
            string htmlValue = provider.Export(document);
            webBrowser1.DocumentText = htmlValue;

        private void ExportSettings_InlineUIContainerExporting(object sender, Telerik.WinForms.Documents.FormatProviders.Html.InlineUIContainerExportingEventArgs e)

Last Updated: 29 Nov 2022 13:14 by Shaindy
A line pasted from outlook is not exported correctly to HTML.
Last Updated: 25 Nov 2022 09:35 by Timo

If you remove the last span of a paragraph (on a measured document), using the inline collection, a NullReferenceException is thrown.

As a workaround: either make sure the manipulation happens on a non-measured document, or remove the span by using the RichTextEditor's API:



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line break after/inside div element is not imported correctly
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Add Korean language to your machine:

Then type 'rkskekfk'. The expected symbols are: "가나다라". However, if you try selecting the entered text, the last symbol disappears:

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Release R3 2022 SP2
"http://" prefix is automatically added by the Insert Hyperlink Dialog when the provided URI is to local path or mapped drive, e.g. "Z:\temp".

Workaround 1: Set HyperlinkPattern to something that matches file paths, e.g.:
(this.radRichTextEditor1.RichTextBoxElement.InsertHyperlinkDialog as InsertHyperlinkDialog).HyperlinkPattern = ".*";

Workaround 2: Insert such paths with the "file://" prefix.
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Release R3 2022

The ChangeFontStyle method does not work when setting Underline: 


radRichTextEditor1.ChangeFontStyle( FontStyle.Underline);




Last Updated: 23 Sep 2022 13:07 by ADMIN
Release R3 2022
There is a lag when the page contains an image as a background and the user types.
Last Updated: 23 Sep 2022 13:07 by ADMIN
Release R3 2022
The text wrapping options are disabled when selecting the second image in the document. 
Last Updated: 07 Sep 2022 15:47 by Hristo
InvalidOperationException: 'ColumnSpan must be at least 1.' is thrown when importing HTML document with table column containing colspan="0".

The colspan="0" has special meaning according to the HTML specification http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/tables.html:
colspan = number [CN]

This attribute specifies the number of columns spanned by the current cell. The default value of this attribute is one ("1"). The value zero ("0") means that the cell spans all columns from the current column to the last column of the column group (COLGROUP) in which the cell is defined.
Workaround: Preprocess the HTML, and delete all occurrences of colspan="0".
Last Updated: 29 Aug 2022 12:53 by Prashant

When a document is imported from HTML, we set locally to the span elements Times New Roman nevertheless it is not declared anywhere. This breaks the document view if for example we decide to change the RadDocument's default font family or even the NormalWeb style's font. The same applies for the font size as well.

Workaround: Clear the FontFamily property after import

foreach (Span span in this.radRichTextBox.Document.EnumerateChildrenOfType<Span>())



Steps to reproduce:

1. Import the following html:

this.radRichTextBox.Document = new HtmlFormatProvider().Import(@"<h1>Hello</h1><h2>World</h2><p>Lorem ipsum<p>");

2. Set the document's default font family to Comic Sans MS:

this.radRichTextBox.Document.Style.SpanProperties.FontFamily = new FontFamily("Comic Sans MS");

Observe: The font in the document is Times New Roman

Expected: The font should be Comic Sans MS

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Release R3 2022 (LIB 2022.2.808)
When the definition of font-weight contains a CSS variable as a value for the property, NullReferenceException is thrown while importing the content.
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When changing the theme through ThemeResolutionService.ApplicationThemeName all the application gets changed. Except the ForeColor of the RadRichTextEditor does not get change. Hence the box displays black text on a dark background. Quite unreadable.

Assigning the theme directly in the designer makes everything renders ok.

Sample application attached.



Last Updated: 08 Jun 2022 08:28 by Prashant
CopyPropertiesFromOverride() method of InlineUIContainer is called more than once for every Copy/Paste command.
Last Updated: 18 May 2022 07:03 by Timo

The default browser paragraph spacing is not preserved during HTML import-export. 


StyleDefinition normalStyle = this.radRichTextEditor1.Document.StyleRepository[RadDocumentDefaultStyles.NormalWebStyleName];
normalStyle.ParagraphProperties.SpacingAfter = 20;
normalStyle.ParagraphProperties.SpacingBefore = 20;

Last Updated: 06 May 2022 05:01 by Tejas
One is not able to set the font size of span to less than 2
Last Updated: 05 Apr 2022 10:45 by Timo
Importing HTML leaves the Default Style with Verdana font instead of Times New Roman.
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