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Currently, it takes around 5 seconds to load the RadSpreadsheetRibbonBar.

Please run the project and compare the load time when clicking the two buttons in the main form.

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The UI behaivor of drag selection shows inconsistent behavior between WinForm vs WPF/Excel.

When you drag some cells for selection and keep dragging to the right (getting the out scope), the control scrolls to the right.

This behavior is common in Winform/WPF/Excel.

When you drag backward (to the left), WPF controls scroll back and so is Excel, while Winform controls does not scroll

Same thing for top and bottom scroll. Winform Spreadsheet control does not scroll. It may scrolls only to the right.

Another Caveat I see meanwhile is that when you scroll backwards until the row area, the pointer become row-resize pointer, or so

If you keep mouse moving around, it sometimes makes a horizontal line (possibly a guide for row resize?)

The issue in this case is that, it does not remove itself. the horizontal line stays there. It is not very annoying (as it is thin horizontal line) but is still a bug.


To reproduce,

create a empty Winform app, with the RadSpreadsheet Control, and Run

Drag from row C3 and to the right (around the scrollbar) the control scrolls to the right (this is not quite smooth though..)

Scroll right to AZ3 say, and drag backward back to C3, this now does not scroll back.

Same for top and bottom.

Do the same for WPF, it now works as expected

Do the same for MS Excel, it now works as expected.

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Hi Support,


please try set the WorkBook to RadSpreadsheet.

Best regards


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So here's what happens. I create a workbook and a worksheet in that wb which I assign as the workbook of a RadSpreadSheet by RadSpreadSheet..Workbook = wb

The first time I assign a name to the first (and only sheet) created in the creation of the wb, the name does appear on that sheet.

Then some code takes this workbook ByVal, creates a new Sheet, makes that sheet the wb's ActiveWorksheet and then changes the ws's name.

You can see in the debugging that the worksheet does have the new name i put there ("2018-05"), but visually this 2nd worksheet has the default name "sheet 2".

Then that wb which is returned by the function is assigned as the RadSpreadSheet's workbook

If I run the code again, so a 3rd sheet is created, then the 3rd sheet will visually have the default name "sheet 3", however in the debugger it says "2018-06" as its name; but most importantly, now sheet 2 has magically changed to what I was seeing its name to be in the debugger ("2018-05").


I'm assuming that If I'm changing the sheet names at runtime, I need to call some method on the Workbook element or something like that in order to update the names. I just couldn't find which method to call.


Best regards,

Ioannis Mamalikidis.

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I have a RadRibbonForm with a normal ribbon with no items and a spreadsheet control.


I iterate over a datatable and fill the spreadsheet's cell values with the datatable's values

we're talking about a very small size, like 33 rows x 35 columns, and not even all the values are filled in.


Unfortunately, there's a very noticeable delay in the spreadsheet, from moving the scrollbars to selecting to changing sheets.. the whole thing feels laggy.

Is this just how it is, or am I experiencing a possible bug?

Could it have anything to do with https://feedback.telerik.com/winforms/1380948-exception-at-runtime-trial-bug ?


If that is just how it is, is there anything I can do to make it feel snappier? Disable a theme? Disable some behaviour?

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Workaround: Handle the MouseWheel event of the control

private void RadSpreadsheet1_MouseWheel(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
    int offset = this.radSpreadsheet1.SpreadsheetElement.VerticalScrollBar.SmallChange * 3;
    int x = e.Delta < 0 ? offset : -offset;
    this.radSpreadsheet1.SpreadsheetElement.VerticalScrollBar.ClampValue = true;
    this.radSpreadsheet1.SpreadsheetElement.VerticalScrollBar.Value += x;

    RadWorksheetEditor editor = this.radSpreadsheet1.SpreadsheetElement.ActiveSheetEditor as RadWorksheetEditor;
    if (editor != null)
        IRadWorksheetEditorPresenter presenter = (IRadWorksheetEditorPresenter)editor.GetType().GetField("activePresenter", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Instance | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.NonPublic).GetValue(editor);
        presenter.SetVerticalOffset(presenter.VerticalOffset + x);