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I am using the WebCam Control in WinForms (latest Version) and placed it on an empty form. Then I tested this "program" on a Test device (CAT T20 Win10 Tablet). The preview picture in the control does not match the orientation of the device. (depending on which side of the device is at top the visible picture is rotated 90/180 degrees).

For testing purposes I installed the WinForms Example application on the same tablet device with the same results.

How to sync the captured picture to the orientation of the device? In the WPF documentation of the WebCamControl I found a Videoflip method, which is not available in WinForms.

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Add an event that allows you to get the current video frame from the camera device.
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Similar to RadPdfViewer that offers the DocumentLoaded event, RadWebCam also needs such an event indicating when its initialization is completed and its safe to call the TakeSnapshot method or use the rest of the public API. Otherwise, TakeSnapshot throws NullReferenceException.
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We can extend the API of the RadWebCam so that we can disable the flash of the currently running camera.
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This feature will allow implementing watermark or subtitle elements for the web cam.
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I try get the max resolution of the camera hardware on the Surface Pro 4 (SP4) I use as a test platform. Using the default Camera App, under the Settings of the Rear camera, I can pick the highest photo resolution of 8MP, 3264x2448. Even if it is the Front Camera, the 3 resolution options are: 2560x1440 (3.7 mP), 2560x1920 (4.9 MP), 2560x1706 (4.4 MP)

When I use my test App using the RadWebCam, the resolution is only 1920x1440, when I already use the maxFormatIndex of the videoFormats. So I wonder if there are other ways to get the max resolution. 



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I'd like to send the webcam stream to another computer, to show live.


How do I do that?