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We are unable to use TestStudio for WPF, when closing the window during recording we get an excpetion.

I tried and created simple wpf app in VS 2019 and get same results.

I attached a C# project as solution was to big.



Simple app is based on VS 2019 telerik for WPF project, created as blank.

Only code changed is adding a DispatcherUnhandledException on App class.


private void OnDispatcherUnhandledException(object sender, DispatcherUnhandledExceptionEventArgs e)
            if (e.Handled || e.Exception == null)
            e.Handled = true;



1) Create new project

2) Create new test for WPF 

3) Configure to the WPF app exe file

4) Click record

5) After test studio is connected close the window.


Expected results:

Window get closed without any problems.


Actual results:

While closing the window exception is being thrown that we.


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When you add a "Wait for Exists" step from the Step Builder, against existing element in the Elements Explore, it will keep the image that was captured during the recording of that element.

That image is used as a backup logic to try and find the target element for the "Wait for Exists" step, but it should not be used. 

The workaround is to delete the image in the target element only for the "Wait for Exists" step.

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In the "Results" tab, the "View Performance Results" icon is not consistent. It appears even though there is no test selected and in some cases disappears, if you switch between test list results.

It does work as expected and all icons are showing, after selecting a test from the test list results.

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The browse button, which allows you to set the path to the WebDriver is not showing. It is hidden by the vertical scroll bar in the Project Settings -> Browsers tab (see hiddenButton.png).

As a workaround, you can set the WebDriver path from Test Studio's Test Runner (see workaroundTestRunner.png).


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The load test fails to upload to the database, if there is a "." in any of the header names. The limitation comes from MongoDB's driver.

As a workaround, you can change the header name to not include "." or delete the key-value pair from the .tstest file.

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The HTML output from ArtOfTest.Runner.exe from failed test is missing the expected and actual image on failure. The same details are available, if the output is generated from Test Studio Standalone version.

The actual image on failure exists in the specified output location, but is not included in the HTML. When you open the results with the Result Viewer, you can see the actual image on failure, but the expected image is still missing. Maybe those are 2 separate things to look at.

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Both options to delete a cookie by domain and by cookie do not work for Chrome and Firefox. It still works for Internet Explorer though.

ActiveBrowser.Cookies.DeleteCookie(string domain);

ActiveBrowser.Cookies.DeleteCookie(Cookie cookie);

The ClearBrowserCache step is working as expected and clears all cookies.