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Created by: Dalibor
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Dear Telerik team,

I would like to verify if an image has appeared at a certain position in my desktop application. I found in the Telerik documentation that this is possible for Web and WPF tests. Is this feature also available for desktop tests? Or is there some trick to verify the image without this feature?

I am currently using the free trial version of Telerik Test Studio to see if it meets all my needs and whether I will get the full version.


Thank you


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I think that a commit comment should be required.
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Created by: Kyriakos
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Hi Team,


I hope my email finds you well and safe.

I successfully managed to setup executive server. 


This ticket is not an issue but a suggestion from a team member of my company.


On the executive dashboard page it would be nice to have a description to show what this test list do. Think that the description it will be something that i will write it somewhere and show it up on the executive dashboard.


Thank you for your support

Kyriakos, Prevention at Sea

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Created by: David
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The problem we're currently having is being able to leverage Test Studio in the same capacity of distributed testing through Azure DevOps which our IT organization uses for Continuous Integration.

Although the AOR-CLI does provide some benefits, it significantly is missing distributed testing which creates a large bottleneck in the turn-around times of our tests.

A potential way to solve this, as I've seen other testing platforms, is create a Test Studio Add-on for Azure DevOps in which you can handle calling your tests in the same fashion that you can from the Test Studio platform

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Created by: Allen
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It would be nice to have the story board capture subtest screenshots instead of the "Test Step" placeholder.  It would be fine maybe to watermark the screenshots with "Test Step," but still show the screens for reference.
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Created by: Piyush
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Add dark and light themes in Test Studio product that can be switched at any time.
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Often in our web app a lot of logs, reports or forms are downloaded through Step Builder "Handle 'Download' dialog".

We would like to compare the downloaded file (xls, xlsx, pdf are mostly used) to a baseline file so that we can verify the downloaded file has the same content as expected result.

This definitely can be achieved through "Coded Step" but it will be great if there is a built in function to compare and verify file, similar to how to verify image. 

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Is it possible to have the Test List result in Excel format to be as detailed as HTML format?

Is there any particular reason for the results in Excel format to be so simplified?

Management level would prefer to be able to filter results conveniently in Excel meanwhile the results reporting in Excel is overly summarized.

It would be great if we are able to view which steps fail with details in Excel format too.

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Hi ,


We are using telerik testing framework for Automation testing. Currently we are executing our scripts in a client VM using TFS builds. Now we would like transform to Docker Execution. We couldn't get the direct solution from any forum for Telerik Testing framework and Docker integration. So please help us on identifying the docker image for Telerik testing framework, so that we will make use of it and we will create a container for the same to run our test scripts in docker vm. Any websites/links related to this topic would be helpful for us.