Last Updated: 22 Oct 2020 13:03 by ADMIN
The GroupExplorer tool window should preserve the width of its columns when changing the currently selected item on the designer surface. The current behavior is to set all column widths to their defaults when the selection changes or the selected component is being modified.
Last Updated: 22 Oct 2020 13:02 by ADMIN
The issue is reproducible in all dialogs that have grids, for example Edit Filters dialog:

When the cell is focused and being edited, pressing the arrow keys moves the selection to the previous or next cell instead of moving the cursor within the grid cell.
In Development
Last Updated: 22 Oct 2020 10:59 by ADMIN
This will allow the SVG images to retain high quality at all zoom levels.
Last Updated: 21 Oct 2020 06:48 by Michael
When in a Report section an item (e.g. Crosstab) grows horizontally, it may introduce horizontal physical page breaks due to insufficient space. The corresponding horizontal page breaks would be multiplied across all the physical pages that would be normally generated (i.e. without horizontal paging). Usually, these extra pages will be blank. In most cases having an option to remove these blank pages would be very useful.
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2020 09:12 by ADMIN
All Telerik Reporting assemblies to be distributed via Nuget packages, in order to ease deploying a solution that uses Telerik Reporting and to share the solution with other developers.
Note: Without having Telerik Reporting installed on the machine, there will be no design-time support (Upgrade and other wizards, VS Report Designer, etc.). The purpose of the packages is only deployment.
Last Updated: 14 Oct 2020 13:11 by ADMIN
Scheduled for 2021 R1

Generate and distribute packages built against .Net 5.0.

Currently .Net 5.0 RC1 and .Net 5.0 RC2 are announced.

Last Updated: 14 Oct 2020 08:46 by ADMIN
In organizations like ours, it is not allowed to store the user id and password in appsettings.json. It is becoming a common practice to use AccessToken in the connection string rather than a username and password. For example, in Azure. It would be great if AccessToken could be supported out of the box in the SqlDataSource.
Last Updated: 12 Oct 2020 12:13 by ADMIN
Created by: Angelina
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Type: Feature Request
Currently, the XLS export format is not available in .NET Core projects. Please, bring back this option.
Last Updated: 08 Oct 2020 12:33 by Mirzodaler
Created by: Rick Kauwen
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Type: Feature Request
The property DataSources is internal in the Report class. When manipulating the datasources of a report it's easier to have access to this collection than to go through all the elements en report parameters to check for datasources
Last Updated: 28 Sep 2020 22:35 by Simon
Release 2020 R3
Created by: Simon
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Type: Feature Request
Support to display a SVG file in the PictureBox. When viewing a report this looks fantastic and of course superb for printing.
Last Updated: 28 Sep 2020 09:30 by ADMIN
Currently, when using the ODBC Microsoft text driver to connect to a text file, the Query Designer in the Standalone Designer throws Object Reference Not Set To An Instance of an Object exception.
Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 13:20 by ADMIN
Created by: William
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Type: Feature Request

In the secure and session based environment, it may take a while to design a report. Meanwhile, the session may expire. Or even anything could happen e.g. internet loss, power loss. In that case, all of the designs that the user has made after spending a lot of hard work and time; are lost.

There should be an auto-save feature in Report Web Designer. It would be great if this is API based. e.g. AutoSave(true/false), AutoSaveInterval(seconds), etc.

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 12:34 by ADMIN
Currently, the auth token is not yet passed from the client to the service. For that reason, it would be nice if the bearer token can be passed with the Web Report Designer API Requests.
Last Updated: 18 Sep 2020 06:51 by ADMIN
Release 2020 R3
Facilitate the CSV Data Source initial setup or editing in Web Report Designer with a user-friendly wizard. 
Last Updated: 17 Sep 2020 10:50 by ADMIN
Created by: Kris Nobels
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Type: Feature Request


What are the future plans for reporting on .net framework ?

Currently it works on the old .net track → 4.6 but not for .net core.

.net 5.0 is planned november 2020

It would be nice that we can have this on 1 .net framework version.



Last Updated: 17 Sep 2020 06:31 by ADMIN
Table item or only option to add groups on the right side
Last Updated: 17 Sep 2020 04:03 by ADMIN
I had compare crystal report and Telerik report on rendering similar dataset. (LARGE dataset)
Crystal report renders much faster on showing the initial page (viewer) by almost 50% compare to Telerik html5 viewer. (almost 10,000 pages)
Crystal report renders much faster on generating PDF file by also 50%.
Also Crystal report telling the total page on the initial rendered page., while on Telerik report (html5 viewer) it on shows pages that are already cache (and show caching progress.) It would be nice if it show the total pages then shows in the status notification the progress of caching.

Last Updated: 17 Sep 2020 03:53 by ADMIN
Created by: Ken
Comments: 10
Type: Feature Request
We create many legal forms, which use nested ordered lists. In htmlTextBox for reporting, we'd like to apply styles like upper-alpha, lower-alpha, etc to the ol tag. Currently, the only numbering for an ol is 1, 2, 3. CSS ability to set the style at depth (like ol ol) would be best.
<li>1. text</li>
<li>2. text
  <li>a. text
          <li>i. text</li>
          <li>ii. text</li>
  <li>b. text</li>
Last Updated: 16 Sep 2020 13:01 by ADMIN
Release 2020 R3
To have a better performance would be nice to cancel report rendering automatically or manually. 
If I am asking for a big report and after I change parameters and request new report, the previous request is still in progress and it is not going to be cancelled. Therefore I see high memory consumption on continuously refreshing a reports with a big data and after some time I see complete slow down of the Reporting Service and of course slow down of the server itself. The memory in this case is not released and Reporting Service crashes sometimes.
Under Review
Last Updated: 03 Sep 2020 21:13 by ADMIN

The built-in MultiSelect ComboBox offers the "autowidth: true" option. So we need the same for the SingleSelect ComboBox.

The popup element for both of these editors is the same. So please add this option because the lack of it is making us create a custom editor only for this reason.

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