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Created by: Stewart
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I am currently investigating including the Telerik Reports in our products but when I load the Web Report Designer it loads a theme which is overwriting our custom theme. 

Is there any way to prevent this so that we keep our custom theme?

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Make the Design-Time parameter values of the WebServiceDataSource editable through code.

Currently, the design-time values can be edited only by the report designers or by saving the report with the TRDX extension and editing the XML.

In the XML, to change the design-time values, you may edit the ParameterValues property which is a string. 

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Scheduled for R3 2022

At the moment it's only possible to have your reports in old-fashioned projects.

It should be possible to add/design reports to SDK-style projects. That should work no matter what target framework is (.NET Core, .NET Standard or .NET Framework).

Last Updated: 05 Aug 2022 08:57 by Joe

Please add the Web Report Designer Item Template for VB.NET projects too

Last Updated: 04 Aug 2022 09:08 by Shannon

Consider adding functionality that allows for loading Assets into the Asset Manager from code. 

I would prefer to store assets in a database and load them up for a user.

Makes more sense than randomly loading them from whatever computer you are working on.

Last Updated: 01 Aug 2022 06:57 by Dominik
Please add a workspace preferences option to not save the report when Preview is initialized in the Web Report Designer
Last Updated: 27 Jul 2022 09:02 by ADMIN
Release R2 2022

The Web Report Designer uses a subset of all available Kendo UI widgets. It will be useful to have a documentation article listing all of them, just as it's done for the HTML5 Report Viewer here: Kendo Widget Requirements.

This way the users will have better understanding which Kendo UI classes and components are used by Web Report Designer and will enable them making their own distribution packages when needed.

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Created by: Levi
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What's the long-term plan for supporting Linux and Telerik Reporting? The dotnet design team is looking to remove support for System.Drawing.Common on Linux platforms. They're recommending compiler warnings in .Net 6, and full PlatformNotSupportedExceptions in .Net7



designs/system-drawing-win-only.md at main · dotnet/designs (github.com)

Breaking change: System.Drawing.Common only supported on Windows - .NET | Microsoft Docs

Last Updated: 21 Jul 2022 06:15 by ADMIN
It would be very useful if custom size and arrangement of the tool panes could be remembered by the Standalone Designer. 

In particular it would be useful for the property pane and it's popup windows (e.g. Graph Series Connection Editor)

More info here: http://www.telerik.com/forums/remember-user-settings-between-opening-and-closing-the-application
Last Updated: 18 Jul 2022 08:20 by Todor

In some scenarios, it would be helpful to have the path to the report available, for example, as a Global Object, so that you may use it in the Expressions.

Here is a use case. The PictureBox resolves relative paths with respect to the report's folder. Currently, if you want to check whether an image that is in the report's folder exists by its name only, you need a custom user function. If you know the report's folder, you may do this with System functions.

Last Updated: 15 Jul 2022 14:02 by ADMIN
Allow Resolve in both IReportSourceResolver  and IReportDocumentResolver to be async so we can fetch data asynchronously
Last Updated: 15 Jul 2022 08:21 by Blair

In some cases, the textbox width will be nearly but not enough to fit the whole string and as a result, the textbox will grow and will thus push the items below it further down.

In Page Sections, this may even result in some of the items that are near the bottom not being displayed at all.

It would be great if there was a warning when the width is not enough so that such scenarios are avoided.

There should also be an option to disable the warnings.



Last Updated: 11 Jul 2022 07:16 by ADMIN

We have implemented custom storage (IDefinitionStorage) with the SaveDefinition method where it saves the edited report in a custom way. There can be some validations and save can fail. For this, I am just throwing a new Exception. The error message is showing in a general way, and it doesn't show my custom message.

Last Updated: 08 Jul 2022 08:50 by ADMIN

We are using the external style sheet file (StyleSheet.xml) when designing our report from Web report designer. We want to see our style sheet applied on our report when we see the report from Web designer in design mode. In Preview mode it is working fine.  But the problem here, it is not working in Design mode.

See the attached pictures. You find our problem on the picture ExternalStyleInWebDesigner-DesignMode.PNG

Is there any solution or a feature request needs to be created?

FYI: External style sheet is working in Standalone report designer in both design and preview mode.



Last Updated: 29 Jun 2022 13:46 by Pierre

Currently, when you set SplitWorksheetOnPageBreak to True, the Excel Sheet name is formed from the DocumentName or ReportName and the number of the page.

It would be very helpful if the report authors can manipulate these names with Expressions.

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Created by: Charles
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We need our reports to have editable text fields where data can be entered into the pdf document and printed.

See also the Forum thread export pdf with editable text areas.

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We are using Telerik reporting R2.2022 version in our project. Some of our reports have html link (created with tag “a”). If we preview those reports html link doesn’t act as an actual hyperlink, so it’s not clickable. We know that there is a HtmlTextBox limitation not to be interactive in WinUI report viewer. But this is important for us to be able to click on html link on WinUI and we need that functionality.  

I tested WinUI example project (CSharp.WinUIExample.VS2022.sln) and opened SwissQRBill.trdp report. The report has some links to the external source in internet, which is not clickable, but if you open it in Standalone report designer it’s clickable.  

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated

Is it on your roadmap to implement that feature? 


In Development
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Created by: Peter
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Optimize the Telerik Reporting performance by parallelizing the reporting paging and rendering. Better utilize CPUs with multiple cores and as a result, improve the REST Service throughput and decrease the viewers' rendering times.
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Release R2 2022 SP1
Created by: Support
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Please, add a .zip or .7zip with the following content from the Telerik Reporting folder:

  • all runtime assemblies- everything from the Bin folder without the Design folder and VS<Version> (for example VS2019, VS2022, etc) folders
  • Html5 folder
  • License Agreements folder
  • Silverlight folder
  • Wpf folder
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Release R2 2022 SP1
When generating a report with multiple tables provide the ability to send these tables to different workbook tabs when exporting to Excel
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