Last Updated: 25 Mar 2024 06:30 by Hanoch
Having a property in the NumericInput that could toggle decimal to whole numbers would be a good improvement to the control.
Last Updated: 05 Jul 2023 19:37 by devon
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Category: NumericInput
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Hi Team,

This is a request to add a SelectionLength property to the RadNumericInput.

The inner NumericInputEntry already has a SelectionLength property, I suppose you can just add an extra BindableProperty to the RadNumericInput that connects to it.



Last Updated: 07 Mar 2023 06:16 by Hanoch
Currently the option for validating the value is on PropertyChanged. In case when minimum value is set, you cannot edit the value with typing. For example having 25 as minimum and want to enter 26 with typing. The value is coerced to 25. You can change the value using the buttons.

Provide another mode for validating the value, for example on lost focus, In this case typing will be allowed.