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Please allow the Form component to submit even if it's not marked as modified internally. I am trying to use the Form within a Stepper workflow, and the Form can have default values based on what they submitted in the previous Step. If they return to the Step with the Form on it, though, and those initial values are not changed while displaying the Form, then the Form internally is not marked as modified, therefor the submit event never fires.

It'd be nice if we could have a boolean to tell the Form if we care to block submission based on modified or not.

Thank you

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Created by: Fabio
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I would like to request the data-query package support filtering on OData collections using lamdba functions. Given a Collection with the existing operators, the filter string outputted by `toODataString` should be OData v4 compliant.


Example: Project is a collection. A user filters to see all General projects which outputs { field: 'Project', operator: 'eq', value: 'General' }.


Recommendation: Supply another key that dictates the lamdba operator and property field to use.

{ field: 'Project', operator: 'eq', value: 'General', lambda: 'any', collectionField: 'Name' } -> $filter=Project/any(x:x/Name eq 'General')


The above can work with inner functions like contains.

{ { field: 'Project', operator: 'contains', value: 'gen', ignoreCase: true, lambda: 'any', collectionField: 'Name' } -> $filter=Project/any(x:contains(tolower(x/Name),'gen'))

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Does KendoReact support ReactNative? if yes send me a sample ReactNative app link which contains KendoReact Components.
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Created by: Sandeep
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I have a query regarding multiple cell paste and transpose paste

1. Multiple cell pastes:

Mouse selection of multiple cells after selecting, the contents present in the cells should get copied and while pasting it should get paste in multiple cells.
e.g i) column no 3 and 4 having value 200 and 56700 after selection of this  value gets copied while pasting into column no 3 and 4,250 and 3250 replace by copied value
      ii) column no 3 and 4 having value 200 and 56700 and next row value i,e 250and 3250 after selection of this  value gets copied while pasting into column no 5, so the           values 2400,98250,6750,34500 replace by copied values

2.Transpose Paste:

Mouse selection of two or more cells, then the contents present in that cells should get copied then after clicking on transpose paste the copied cell content get pasted vertically in multiple cells.

e.g column no 3 and 4 having value 200 and 56700 after selection of this  value gets copied while pasting into column no 3,250 and 300 replace by copied value

all cells should be editable


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For example, the user goes to an URL where the query string is created initially with the toDataSourceRequestString method, we need a method that will parse that query string to the Grid data state object, so it can be applied to the Grid when the user returns to that URL.

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Add the ability to apply table breakpoints to the Grid for responsive behavior.

Similar to the Bootstrap tables:

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Created by: Imported User
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As in the JQuery version, it would be good to have the option of showing the total of a column's values without having to use grouping aggregates. 

For example i have 10 products with their prices and i would like to see their total cost in a row below the column, without having to use grouping which adds more elements to the Grid.
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Add an option to export to Excel without the gridlines.

The achieve the same result as the one shown here:
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Created by: Bob
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Is it possible to add a target line to the ArcGauge?   I have attached a picture of what I would like to accomplish using the ArcGauge component.


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I use DateRangePicker to filter data in some period in the past.
Now, when I open DateRangePicker, it renders a calendar with current and future month. Therefore our users always have to click on the "left arrow" to select previous month.

Is it possible to open DateRangePicker with calendar, that renders previous and current month? I tried propfocusedDate, but it is not suitable in this case, because the component is "controlled" (it always has some value, by default it is current date).

It would be great, if you will add some settings to do this.

We use "@progress/kendo-react-dateinputs": "3.10.1"

How we use it:


Actual result: April and May month in view.

Expected result: March and April month in view. 

Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply. 

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I find the autogrow and floating labels in the latest Kendo Angular library to be quite handy:
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In Kendo angular you can tell the tooltips to flip when they collide with the edge of the viewport:

A problem with angular is it can't detect a collision in both directions. In the above example, the top tooltip only flips downwards but not to the right.

As for Kendo React there is less control. It seems to always want to "fit" with no option to flip when a collision happens. I have prepared 3 examples below. for position left, right and default:

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Created by: Basel
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The new KendoReact Drawer component looks amazing and works like a charm. It would be great if it supported sub-items similar to the PanelBar component. Having sub-items would simplify the development of sidebar navigation with KendoReact.


<PanelBarItem title={'About'} route="/about">
<PanelBarItem title={'Team'} route="/about/team" />



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Created by: Jørund
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Currently, the onLegendItemHover can be used to detect mouseover event on a legend item.

Suggest adding an event mirroring the mouseout event.


Kendo UI for jQuery implements this

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I need to implement two functionality for treelist control

1. Freezing of column and rows

2. Drag and Drop column and rows

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Is it possible to define where the dropdown container (i.e. k-list-container) is appended in the DOM?

By default it is appended at the bottom of the body but I'd like to define where it is appended.

The reason why I need to do this is because I'm using the KendoReact components in a WebComponent (custom element) which is hosted in a shadow-dom for isolation.
The styles are also only loaded within the shadow-dom and are therfore not applied to content on the outside. 

The issue is that the kendo dropdown container is appended outside of the shadow-dom and the scope of the kendo styles.
The dropdownlist component is styled correctly but the dropdown part that is appended to body is not styled.

I've solved this with other components (i.e. modal window) by defining where I want the the container appended with the createPortal method in React.

          <ModalOverlay />
        document.getElementsByTagName('custom-element').length > 0
          ? document.getElementsByTagName('custom-element')[0].shadowRoot

          : document.body



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I'm trying out the KendoReact Conversational UI and there are two things that I would expect to exist in the API that I can't seem to find.


1. Unread indicator - I'd like to mark where the last unread message was but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that with the API.

2. Load more messages - I'd like to be able to only load a certain number of messages from the chat history on initial load and then load more messages as the user scrolls (or possibly have a "load more" button) but there doesn't seem to be any callback for that.


I already have ideas to work around both of these with the "messageTemplate" but I wanted to check if I might be missing something obvious first.


-- Erik Sandberg

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Created by: Derek
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I'm wondering if you have Kendo ReactJS 2D barcode component on the roadmap?  I see that there are wrappers, but would prefer a pure ReactJS solution.  I'd like to add my vote for addition of this component to the ReactJS suite.  Thanks.
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