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Created by: Ting
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I am trying to get the DOM element of a `Popover` via`ref`, but the returned `PopoverHandle` does not expose an `element` prop. (

Please can you keep the all component handle API consistent by always exposing the underlaying DOM element?

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Created by: Janki
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Not only would I like control over the group order (like from this thread, it would be awesome if we could sort groups themselves.

I understand that the current set up sorts children within groups but not the groups themselves. However, sorting within and between groups is a bit more intuitive to the user when they see visually-grouped information and try to sort on it => most of our users expect the groups to get sorted as well.

Although I can write my own sorting functionality, it can get out of hand quickly with ascending/descending, numeric vs alphabetic columns, and multi-sort vs single sort, but KendoReact already has the capability to sort in these three ways with its non-grouped grid functionality.

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Created by: Connor
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I'm working with the MultiSelect dropdown.

My issue is that feeding my own search control into the header of the dropdown itself seems to be impossible.

Our design calls for this component, but requires a search input within the dropdown itself. I've tried to insert one as a header, but your control is built in a way that forces the dropdown to close when the header of the dropdown is clicked. Making my attempted customization of the component impossible. From quick testing it seems the other dropdowns are built this way as well. Making components work in the header and footer (without closing the popup) would greatly increase the customizability of the dropdowns. 

It also seems that the current search input within the button can't be removed or changed to readonly. Our design doesn't expect customizable input in the button. It seems that even if you have filtering turned off it still accepts input that does nothing.

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Currently, the Scheduler events are always placed between the beginning and the end of a slot, no matter if the event actually starts or ends at the slot times. So if an event for example starts at 10:10, the event is placed at the 10:00 slot line and not a little further down below, or if it ends at 11:50 the event end is placed at the 12:00 slot line. I'm talking here especially about the WeekView and the DayView.

This is not accurate enough for some events. Like for example in MS Outlook, if a event doesn't start at the full hour, the graphical representation shows it according to the start time and not at the full hour (see screenshots). We would like to request to make it possible to place events on the Scheduler so that the graphical representation of the event reflects the actual start and and time.

While I was able to calculate a margin for the event start to move it to a more accurate position, it was not possible to also set the height of the event to a calculated positition because the Scheduler doesn't allow this. According your support (see here), an event always has to end at a full slot time and can't be placed somewhere else. Calculating these things on our own brings a whole lot of other problems though (like placing overlapping events correctly, etc.) so that it would be great if the Scheduler had a setting to allow exact positioning according to times.


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Currently, the category value in the tooltip does not display the formatted value and the only option for changing this is by using the "render" and defining custom rendering. The formatted value should be used by default.

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Created by: Rebecca
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The footer cell is not accessible. I cant be navigated with the keyboard and isn't read out by the screen reader.  Ideally, we would have all the attributes that the header and content cells have to make this work in the same way.

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Created by: Dennis
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The new taskboard is very nice, which I really want to use in my next project. When there are many tasks, the taskboard becomes unresponsive . Is it possible to implement virtual scrolling?
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It would be useful to add the `title` prop to the `Button` and `Chip` components. So that we get extra information in the default browser tooltip or use the `Tooltip` component for a customized look.

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Last Updated: 31 May 2022 07:29 by ADMIN

Having the endTime set to the next day (in regards to the startTime) for example, should allow the Day view to show the entire period.

The same functionality is available in Kendo UI for jQuery Scheduler:

Currently, the Scheduler accepts only "HH:MM" format as string values.

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Created by: Kyle
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Type: Feature Request

As it happens, none of the existing ways of setting icons in the Button component work with either of the icon libraries we are using, which are:

  1. Google Material Symbols, which uses ligatures to select icons rather than class names.
  2. Material Design Icons via @mdi/react and @mdi/js, which renders programmatically generated inline SVGs.  These icons technically can be downloaded as finished SVGs for use with the imageUrl property, but only a single icon at a time, which is significantly less convenient than having access to the entire library at once when using the @mdi packages.

Rather than try to separately add specific support for these (and a thousand other) icon strategies, however, you could add support for both (and a thousand others) at once by just having something like an iconJsx property.  It would accept JSX.Element, and whatever it is given gets rendered inside the span.k-button-icon.k-icon.

So you could do something like this...

<h1>How will you attack?</h1>
{/* Google Material Symbols */}
<Button iconJsx={<span className="material-symbols-outlined">local_fire_department</span>}>Fire Breath</Button>
{/* @mdi/react + @mdi/js */}
<Button iconJsx={<Icon path={mdiKabaddi} />}>Target Weak Spot</Button>
{/* A poop emoji */}
<Button iconJsx={<span role="img" aria-label="poop">💩</span>}>Bio Weapon</Button>

To get something like this...

<h1>How will you attack?</h1>
<button class="k-button k-button-md k-button-rectangle k-button-solid k-button-solid-base k-rounded-md">
  <span role="presentation" class="k-button-icon k-icon">
    <span class="material-symbols-outlined">local_fire_department</span>
  <span class="k-button-text">Fire Breath</span>
<button class="k-button k-button-md k-button-rectangle k-button-solid k-button-solid-base k-rounded-md">
  <span role="presentation" class="k-button-icon k-icon">
    <svg viewBox="0 0 24 24">
      <path d="M11.2 10.6C12.2 11.6 13.4 12.1 14.8 12.1L14.9 14.2C13 14.2 11.3 13.5 9.8 12.1L9.1 11.4L6.8 13.8L9 15.9V21.9H7V16.7L5.7 15.5V17.7L1.5 22L.1 20.6L3.7 17L2.5 13.5C2.3 12.9 2.6 12.4 3.1 12L6.4 8.7C6.8 8.2 7.3 8 7.8 8C8.3 8 8.6 8.1 8.9 8.3L11.2 10.6M24 11.9H22V8.5L20.2 7.8L21.1 12.2L22.1 17.4L23 21.8H20.9L19.1 13.8L17 15.8V21.8H15V14.3L17.1 12.3L16.5 9.3C15.9 9.9 15.2 10.5 14.4 10.9C13.5 10.8 12.6 10.4 11.9 9.7C13.5 9.4 14.6 8.6 15.3 7.4L16.3 5.8C16.9 4.8 17.8 4.5 18.9 5L24 7.2V11.9M11.4 4.4C12.5 4.4 13.4 5.3 13.4 6.4C13.4 7.5 12.5 8.4 11.4 8.4C10.3 8.4 9.4 7.5 9.4 6.4C9.4 5.3 10.3 4.4 11.4 4.4M16.5 .3C17.6 .3 18.5 1.2 18.5 2.3C18.5 3.4 17.6 4.3 16.5 4.3C15.4 4.3 14.5 3.4 14.5 2.3C14.5 1.2 15.4 .3 16.5 .3Z" style="fill: currentcolor;"></path>
  <span class="k-button-text">Target Weak Spot</span>
<button class="k-button k-button-md k-button-rectangle k-button-solid k-button-solid-base k-rounded-md">
  <span role="presentation" class="k-button-icon k-icon">
    <span role="img" aria-label="poop">💩</span>
  <span class="k-button-text">Bio Weapon</span>

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Created by: RainMaker
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Type: Feature Request

We currently keep an image library for our customers where we allow them to upload images for use in the editor. Our existing implementation uses something called tinymce and MoxieManager. I see that the jQuery implementation has something similar, but it is not included in the react toolset. 


Can we get the ImageBrowser / FileBrowser part of the jQuery Kendo ported over to the react version?


I have attached an image for example.

Last Updated: 18 May 2022 08:00 by ADMIN

If you show a Grid with no rows, the Kendo Grid displays a `k-grid-norecords` row. The generated HTML for this is:

<tr class="k-grid-norecords" aria-rowindex="2"><td colspan="5">No records available</td></tr>

If you run Axe accessibility checks (axe-core 4.4.1) against this, it reports:

Impact: critical
Elements must only use allowed ARIA attributes
ARIA attribute is not allowed: aria-rowindex="2"

It seems that according to Axe, this <tr> element should have `role="row"` to make it compliant.

Normal data rows, where there is data, do include `role="row"`. Only the 'no records' row seems to be missing it. Can this role be added?

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Created by: Andrew
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Type: Feature Request

To Whom It May Concern,


I am requesting the Kendo team to implement a new feature of programmatically setting a Grid's page for the Kendo React Grid

This can be accomplished by having a listener for the Grid's state. For example, when the Grid's skip props is changed, the Grid's page will also change to the number of elements skipped.

Please consider implementing this feature.

Thank you.



Andrew J. Yang

Keysight Technologies

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Created by: Louise
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Type: Feature Request

Currently the MultiSelectTree Component doesn't have Virtualization therefore is unable to provide infinite scrolling.

Please can this be added.


Thank you,

Last Updated: 11 May 2022 13:48 by ADMIN

The React Dropdown and Multiselect components are difficult to use in a <Form> because they return an object instead of the value that would be part of a form.

Maybe there is already a way to handle it, but the docs for the MultiSelect do not include any way to map the value Object to just the primitive, and the Form docs have no example with a MultiSelect.

In my experience, when loading and saving data to/from an API, they very rarely take objects with an ID and Text properties. They usually expect just the primitive values (IDs) of the selected items. The Angular MultiSelect control has a `valuePrimitive` attribute that can be used to control this behavior. The React version does not seem to support this use case at all, or it is hard to find in the docs if it does exist.

Example code:

Essentially, it would have been nice if you could do:

<MultiSelect data={[ { id: 1, text: 'One' }, { id: 2, text: 'Two' }, ]} value={[2]} // just a primitive value, not an object

onChange={(value) => /* value should just be the `id`s not the objects */ } />

Which would enable MultiSelect to be usable in a <Form>. Since the <Field> component does not allow overriding the `value` or `onChange` events, mapping these primitives to object form is frustrating and a bunch of extra code.

In the Angular version this is easily achievable, with an example in the docs:

Last Updated: 09 May 2022 12:38 by ADMIN


Please allow the Form component to submit even if it's not marked as modified internally. I am trying to use the Form within a Stepper workflow, and the Form can have default values based on what they submitted in the previous Step. If they return to the Step with the Form on it, though, and those initial values are not changed while displaying the Form, then the Form internally is not marked as modified, therefor the submit event never fires.

It'd be nice if we could have a boolean to tell the Form if we care to block submission based on modified or not.

Thank you

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022 10:10 by ADMIN

The feature request:

Kendo react scheduler: in a week/work week view if an event created with start time at 01:00 and ends at 23:00 for example and displayed only working hours:

the event will not visible until we enable all days hours visible:

The issue is described here:


Last Updated: 09 May 2022 09:36 by ADMIN

Hi Team,

I am facing one challenge to create a Calendar view with multiple date selection with multiple colors.

Please suggest and share class component references to achieve the same.

Please refer attached video or do let me know if you have any questions.


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Created by: Fabian
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Type: Feature Request


I'm using the menu component version 4.13

I'd like to change the style of the active menu item but could not find any examples. Here's one of my menu items

            <MenuItem text="Location Lookup" cssClass={"nav-item nav-link"} data={{ route: "/locations" }}></MenuItem>

i'm following your example to do the routing

function onSelect(event) {

I'm using react router dom.

Do you have an example for how to change the css of the active menu item?

Thank you.



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