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The bar chart should read the value for the first day or the week from the current culture set with kendo.culture.
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Pie chart labels are not properly rendered when exported to image.

The issue can be reproduced here:

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When the data values ​​are all negative, if you create a line graph using kendo chart function, Autoscale on the Y axis is not applied properly. Please check if there is any possible solution.

The two attached figures are normally auto scaled, but the charts that combine the two graphs are not auotoscale normal.






issue chart

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As you can see in this dojo, there is a problem with the grid lines when I set the reverse property to true and the max property to 270 (the grid lines of angles 30, 60 and 90 are hidden).

Thank you

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the dashed line in the chart is showing correctly in IE 10, but when exporting to a png image with the function exportImage, the dashed line becomes a solid line. I've been told that this can be solved with kind of polyfilling, you guys should really make this work, the reason is that this works in Chrome, for the sake of your product consistency, this feature should also work in IE.

if there is a possibility to fix an issue, I think we'd better make it.


Z. Wang
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Per version "@types/kendo-ui": "2019.3.0" , typings chart label margins and padding (ChartLegendMargin, ChartLegendPadding, ChartLegendLabelsMargin, ChartCategoryAxisItemTitleMargin,... ) don't accept number values, only a dictionary with top, bottom, left and right.

Numbers are correct values for these properties, as shown on