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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report

He have created this dojo to illustrate our point.

We would like to be able to be able to clone options from the top options and subsequently to be able to edit any cloned (child) option. 

We are unable to figure out a way so that the child/cloned dropdowns can change state.

Is it a bug or a feature? How can we achieve our aim?

Thank you so much,


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After updating to the latest version of Kendo UI for jQuery we noticed that the button disabled style appears to be broken.


We were able to reproduce the issue using the Dojo.

The steps to reproduce are very simple.

  1. Open the DoJo
  2. Between the <body> tags place the code below.
  3. Select "Kendo UI 2019 R1" for the Library
  4. Run the project and click the Disable button.  Notice that the edit box is styled as disabled, but the button is not, but looks enabled, yet is not clickable.
  5. Now switch to the previously released library "Kendo UI 2018 R3 SP1"
  6. Click run and click the Disable button.  Notice that both the edit box and button appear and act disabled.



<! Code to put in between tags >

<div id="view">

  <input type="text" data-bind="value: name, disabled: isNameDisabled" />
  <button data-bind="click: disableInput, disabled: isNameDisabled" class="k-button">Disable</button>

var viewModel = kendo.observable({
    isNameDisabled: false,
    name: "John Doe",
    disableInput: function() {
        this.set("isNameDisabled", true);

kendo.bind($("#view"), viewModel);
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Creating a timepicker with a min value on a DST start day (e.g. March 10, 2019), before the start time, causes the drop down to options to loop over pre-DST start times:
12:30 AM, 1:00 AM, 1:30 AM, 1:00 AM, 1:30 AM, 1:00 AM....

Expected: Time options should continue through the day:
12:30 AM, 1:00 AM, 1:30 AM, 2:00 AM, 2:30 AM, 3:00 AM....

I noticed the error originally in version "2018.3.1017", but it is still happening in "2019.1.220".

If the dojo link doesn't work, here's a screenshot and code snippet.

<input id="timepicker" />
    $(document).ready(function () {
        // create TimePicker with broken drop down picker options
            min: new Date(2019, 2, 10, 0, 30)
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In a grid with virtualization, when just normally scrolling down requests for the exact same data are often sent multiple times after each other. The reason for this is probably that the grid sends an asynchronous request for example Top 100, Skip 200 and then does not keep track of that it is still waiting for a reply for this request, before asking for the same data a short period later. 

Commonly requests for the same data is made 2 or 3 or more times after each other, causing performance problem at the server side and in many cases unnecessary calls to the database. Fixing this should lower the number of requests for data to the server considerably, maybe with a factor two or more with just normal grid operation when the user is just scrolling down to view more data in the grid.  

To demonstrate the problem, open a copy of the virtualization grid demo, for example here:

Open the Developer Tools and just observe which network requests are sent to the server. Just scroll down in any way and observe that very often the exact same request is made. A request for the same data has the same Top and Skip values in the parameters sent the server. You can see the servers reply is exactly the same JSON data multiple times after each other.

Solving this performance problem almost completely would seemingly be to in a variable just keep track of the "Latest request" sent, since the problem happens mostly just with normal scrolling in one direction with request sent after each other. So one would need to keep track of that a call for Top 100, Skip 200 has been made, and if the program wants to request the exact same data again, just wait for a reply for the first request, instead of sending a new one. (If needed, send a new request only after a specific timeout for a reply for the first one).

A more thorough solution would be to have a data structure to keep track of the Top and Skip tuples for all the calls to the server that has not yet have had a reply from the server, and not repeat those exact same calls again if still waiting for a reply for the first request.

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Category: MultiSelect
Type: Bug Report

The bug I was talking was when setting tagMode of kendoMultiSelect to single, clicking the clear button (x at right of textbox) doesn’t trigger “deselect” event. Not sure if it’s by design. They fixed a similar bug regarding “change” event -


Repro snippet could be found at

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Hello guys,

I am stuck with this problem for some time now. Everything works well with mouse, I can drag and drop column into grouping header normally. But on touchscreens I can't drag it. I am interested if anyone has had this issue?

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Created by: Daniel
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report

In the latest Kendo UI commercial zip, there is a file typescript/kendo.all.d.ts.

In the Grid class, a property is missing : the dataItems function.

You should add the bold line :


        dataItem(row: JQuery):;
        destroy(): void;

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2019 14:15 by ADMIN
  • Open the MultiSelect and add some items
  • Use backspace to remove items

Result: The items that were selected, then un-selected still show as selected in the list

This can be reproduced on the latest demo page. 



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Created by: DDL
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report

When a ContextMenu is opened for the first time, the animation is not executed. Every consequent open trigger the animation successfully.

The issue can be observed in the following Dojo.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the ContextMenu and notice there is no animation.
  • Open the ContextMenu again and notice the default animation is triggered.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2019 07:53 by ADMIN

When showOn assumes its default value(to work with hold event on touch devices), the ContextMenu cannot be displayed by tapping and holding over the target elements.

The iсsue can be reproduced with the ContextMenu Demo.

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Created by: Anders Mad.
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Category: ComboBox
Type: Bug Report


You prob. already know this, but in Chrome attribute autocomplete should be "disabled" instead of "off" for e.g. combobox - then we don't get the auto fill.

Even thought it has no id nor name - I think it looks at the lavbel - in my case its "Name" and the combobox get a big Chrome auto fill from the address book. Setting it from "off" to "disabled" will disable both auto complete AND auto fill.

The same goes for the AJAX Combobox - will you notify that team too? Current hotfix for that is `$(".rcbInput").attr("autocomplete", "disabled");`



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When a text with background color set is made bold and copy/pasted, the background color is not being preserved.

The issue can be reproduced on the following Dojo example.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Type some text.
  • Select the text and set a background color.
  • Make the text bold.
  • Copy/paste the text on a new line.

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Created by: Radhika
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Bug Report


I am facing an issue with Kendo grid ,i.e. Having more than one filter present in a grid and then deleting any one filter entry and clicking FILTER (or just pressing ENTER on keyboard) clears ALL filters.

In my Kendo grid , when I apply a filter to 2 columns, first I apply filter to numeric column which results in no value and, after that I applies the filter to a string column combined with numeric column which also results to no value, Nothing is displayed. But when I remove the value from textbox of numeric column and enter filter, no data is being displayed as string column filter is there but in case I remove the value from textbox of string column and enter filter , numeric column filter also gets removed. I also checked the Kendo functionality , but didn't find any solution for this problem.


Here's the code for Kendo Grid Filter which is causing the above issue.




    $scope.DemoGrid = {
        columns: [
            { field: 'ID', title: "ID", template: "<span><a href='' class='link-default' ng-click='getDetails(\"#=ID#\")'>#=ID#</a></span>" }, 
            { field: 'Type', filterable: false, title: "Type" },
            { field: 'Name', title: "Name", template: "<span>#=Name# </span>" },
                field: 'Date', title: "Date", type: "date", format: "{0:dd-MMM-yyyy}", parseFormats: ["dd/MM/yyyy"],
                filterable: {
                    ui: function (element) {
                            format: "dd-MMM-yyyy",
                            parseFormats: ["dd/MM/yyyy"]
            { field: '', title: 'Action', template: "<span><a href=\'" + DemoDownloadApi + "?id=#=DownloadId#\' role='button' class='btn btn-blue-primary'>Download</a></a></span>" },
            { field: "DownloadId", hidden: true, sortable: false },

        pageable: {
            buttonCount: 5,
            pageSizes: [10, 20, 50, 100, 'All'],
            input: true,
            //refresh: false,
            messages: {
                display: Msg1,
                empty: Msg2
        sortable: true,
        dataSource: DemoDataSource,
        autoBind: false,
        filterable: true,
        scrollable: false,
        resizable: true,


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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report


In my kendo grid , when i apply a filter to 2 columns, first i apply filter to numeric column which results in no value and then after that i applies the filter to a string column combined with numeric column which also results to no value, Nothing is displayed. But when i remove the value from textbox of numeric column and enter filter, no data being displayed as string column filter is there but in case i remove the value from textbox of string column and enter filter , numeric column filter also got removed.

I also checked the kendo functionality , but not getting any solution for this problem.

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2019 08:31 by ADMIN

Link to GitHub issue -

### Reproduction of the problem:

1. Run this dojo
2. Collapse one or more of the subCategory groups
3. Collapse the category Group
4. Expand Category

### Current behavior

The aggregate rows are missing and the locked and unlocked content is misaligned

### Expected/desired behavior

Rows should be aligned

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Created by: Iggy
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Category: Date/Time Pickers
Type: Bug Report

When the dateInput property is set to true, the readonly method does not make the widget completely non-editable. It restricts user input, however, the date can be modified using the arrow keys.

Reproduction of the issue in a Dojo sample:

1. Initialize DatePicker
2. Set the dateInput property to true
3. Call the readonly() method

Current behavior

Value can be changed with the arrow keys

Expected/desired behavior

The value should not be editable


  • Kendo UI version: 2019.1.220
  • jQuery version: 1.12.4
  • Browser: [all]

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Created by: Marin
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Bug Report

Dear Kendo,


I made research about Kendo Spreadsheet control and I found some of unlogical things in example:

1. When I made changes (kendoSpreadsheetCancelChanges.png) in spreadsheet and click on CANCEL CHANGES button, all of these changes aren't removed.

2. Manually reading spreadsheet datasource, all of these changes aren't removed. For example, when I type in console

$("#spreadsheet").data("kendoSpreadsheet").options.sheets[0];, datasource is reading, but almost all changes are shown. Why?



Kind Regards,


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Hello there,

I am developing a Web application using  Kendo UI Spreadsheet control, but I noticed that when I copy some numbers from a Excel sheet to the spreadsheet and then copy back to Excel, the decimal values are quite different, I mean, the decimal precision has been affected.

For example:

I have the following numbers on a Excel sheet:


Then, I copy them to the Kendo spreadsheet and I got the following:


But when I copy them back to Excel I got this:


Losing many decimals affecting the results of my computation and calculation.

Can you tell me why is this happening?

Thank you some much.




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The expand Icon of the treeview node is being reset, if another node is dropped above/below it.

To reproduce this behavior you can take the Drag and Drop demo of the treeview. In the initial state the "Furniture" node is expanded. If you take the "Decor" node and drop it above the furniture node, the "Furniture" node stays expanded but the icon changes to collapsed.

ADMIN EDIT: workaround:

The issue does not manifest with R3 2019 SP1.

You can also monitor it in the following GitHub issue:

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Created by: Jyotika
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report

Hi Team,

Kendo grid does not allow all columns to be hidden from column menu as it disables the check box for last column in column menu.

But if we set hidden = true and menu = false properties for column, grid hides that column from grid and column menu, but enables the checkbox to hide all columns from grid leaving it empty. After which we can't get back the columns in grid which isn't valid.

Grid should always allow at least one column to be included in grid/menu.

Please find attached screenshot and below sample link.



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