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Bug report

In case when culture is set to de-DE or nl-NL globally the NumericTextBox does not accept comma decimal separator from the Numeric keypad

Reproduction of the problem


Current behavior
When comma from the Numeric keypad is pressed validation is fired.

Expected/desired behavior
Comma must be accepted as a decimal separator

**Kendo UI version: 2020.1.406

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Bug Report

Pressing the dot key on the NumPad does not apply the default decimal separator when the keyboard is set to EN-US/ UK. It always applies the dot. 

Steps for Reproduction

1. Set the culture to a culture that uses the comma as a decimal separator - Italian.
2. Switch the keyboard to EN-US/UK. 
3. Press the dot on the NumPad.
4. Validation prevents the input. 

Dojo sample for reproduction:


jQuery version: 1.12.4

Kendo UI version: 2020.1.219

Browsers: [all]