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Created by: Clint Singer
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report


It seems there is an issue with the material theme and nested grids.   When you have master-detail nested grids, the entire last nested grid gets applied with the same styling as the bottom rows of all the other nested grid. 

The styling in my browser is showing up as

.k-grid .k-grid-content tr:last-child td.k-grid .k-grid-content-locked tr:last-child td {
  1. border-bottom-width: 0;


Which causes the rows in the last grid to not appear.   

I have attached an image where I have changed the styling to 5px and red so you can see that it is being incorrectly styled.  You can see that even the other rows in in the last grid are getting styled along with the last row style.

I am running the latest version of Kendo.



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Kendo version :

@progress/kendo-angular-buttons: 5.4.1



How to reproduce :

- Add a kendo dropdown button with some items

- Use appendTo='component' popupSetting

- Bind itemClick and close events


Stackblitz example : https://stackblitz.com/edit/kendo-dropdownbuttons-keyboardnavigation?file=app/app.component.ts


What happens :

- If you use arrows to navigate through items, is always skip one item.

- If you use enter or space to select item, the popup close and reopen immediately.

- If you prevent close as in the stackblitz example : enter and space will fire twice the itemClick event.

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Created by: Dzmitry
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Category: Kendo UI for Angular 2+
Type: Bug Report


a. In "Show business hours" mode open event creating dialog and set start-end time that is outside of business hours specified, e.g. 07.00-07.30 when business hours are 08.00-20.00.

b. Press Save buttom.

c. Switch to "Show full day" mode.

Actual result - event is not shown.

Event appears only after, e.g. , pressing next arrow button and then pressing back arrow button.






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Created by: Markus
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Category: Charts
Type: Bug Report

When the chart is configured to use the selection zoom. One must press the Shift-Key and select an area inside the chart to zoom.

I the chart shows tooltips, in most cases the tooltip pops up under the cursor and it is not possible to select an area.

The tooltip shoud be disabled, when the shift-key (or the configured key) is pressed inside the chart area.

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Created by: Holger
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Category: TreeView
Type: Bug Report

When using the "checkBy" attribute to configure the data field for the key definition, then the indeterminate state of parent nodes is broken.

To reproduce the issue have a look to this StackBlitz: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-okpokx