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Hello Progress Software Corporation,

We currently have an issue with the Date Input (Calendar) KendoUI Angular component. We need to use the selection mode "multiple" when selecting a full week. When the component loads, it's possible to select a full week with no issue but once you start to play around with the infinite scroll, then another week is selected instead of the desired one. The bug can be reproduced directly in the example provided in your documentation.


For example,

  1. Try to select a full week. It works.
  2. Do the same with the next week
  3. Now scroll to the next month and repeat 1 and 2
  4. Repeat 3

Repeat this process for more than 4 months and you will see the bug where the selection of the full week jumps to a completely different month.


Kind regards,

Rodrigo Rosenbl├╝th 

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When you implement the activeViewDateChange and scroll through the calendar, the event is properly triggered.

But when you navigate through the calendar using the month navigation, this event is only triggered(multiple times) when you skip at least 1 month

Sample code - Kendo event sample code: https://www.telerik.com/kendo-angular-ui/components/dateinputs/calendar/#toc-events



Current month: Januari

Next month: Februari

Expectation: (activeDateChange: 1-2-2020)

Result: - / not triggered

Current month: Januari

Next month: June

Expectation: (activeDateChange: 1-6-2020)

Result: (activeDateChange - 1-5-2020), (activeDateChange - 1-6-2020) / event triggered twice

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Dear Support Team,

Although I changed my locate to 'fa-IR', the kendo UI date picker did not change to Hijri or Jalali Calendar and it just translated the text of the gregorian calendar!

Is this a bug? or I should do something to use the Persian calendar?

Best regards