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Created on: 11 Aug 2023 14:12
Type: Bug Report
UI-Bold, UI-Italic, UI-Strikethrough cannot be unset with RefreshUI(). Bug?


I’m developing a .NetFramework extension for Fiddler and am finding an issue with clearing bold, italic, strikethrough on the session text in the session list when using “this.session.RefreshUI()”. I’d like to be able to see these changes occur upon a context menu item click, immediately within Fiddler, without having the reload the sessions or the application. I can see the session flags are removed from the session as expected, but the bold, italic, or strikethrough is not unset.

I’m aware there is an option to Mark, Unmark sessions, but this doesn’t fit integrate closely enough with the extension I am developing or do exactly what I would like.

I seem to have no issues with changing the UI-Backcolor or UI-Color and refreshing for the updates to be immediately seen.

I can set UI-Bold, UI-Italic, UI-Strikethrough, but I cannot unset these with RefreshUI().

Is this a bug? Is the RefreshUI() call not doing something for UI-Bold, UI-Italic & UI-Strikethrough which it does do for UI-BackColor and UI-Color?



Posted on: 04 Feb 2024 09:49


I want to rewrite a plugin to achieve functionality similar to the Composer menu in Fiddler. However, I don't know which DLL file contains the source code for the Composer menu. Do you know?

Posted on: 27 Aug 2023 20:57

Yes I have tried that approach.

That mechanism does indeed remove the session flag as well as the way I wrote in my example.

Either way though I cannot get the UI refresh to occur and show the update on the session list.

Nick Iliev
Posted on: 14 Aug 2023 07:20

Hello Jeremy,


Try to remove the flag through the Remove method




Nick Iliev
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Posted on: 11 Aug 2023 15:01

Code sample which works fine:

this.session = session;
this.session["UI-BACKCOLOR"] = "#BDBDBD";
this.session["UI-COLOR"] = "#000000";

Code sample which does not work:

this.session = session;
this.session["UI-BOLD"] = null;