Last Updated: 29 Mar 2024 02:49 by Ryuu
Created on: 09 Jun 2023 13:36
Type: Bug Report
Remove spurious logging of ClientHello length

For legacy reasons, Fiddler logs the message "HTTPSLint> Warning: ClientHello record was {0} bytes long. Some servers have problems with ClientHello's greater than 255 bytes"

This message should be removed because at this point, effectively ALL clienthellos are over 500 bytes and basically all servers are okay with it.

(This message was only relevant around 2014 or so when longer clienthellos started becoming common)

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Posted on: 29 Mar 2024 02:49
I come to thankful for this update to show that how much it means to me. I really wait for this for a long time, it's really improve the usage. Thank for the update.