Last Updated: 22 Nov 2022 16:49 by Eric
Created on: 02 Nov 2022 01:51
Type: Bug Report
Fiddler locks up UI over Multiple monitors if it was idle for a while

If you open use fiddler for a while (a Day or so), eventually it lock up the UI on the other monitors. It is almost as if there is an invisible dialog over the other screens. Once you kill Fiddler. its all restored again.


We have been Noticing this over the last few months.

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Posted on: 22 Nov 2022 16:49
The typical reason this happens is that there's a Client Certificate Authentication alert message that is sitting behind the Fiddler window. If you Alt+Tab to Fiddler and hit Escape/Enter/Spacebar, is there any change? If you send other HTTP(S) requests, do you see them added to the Web Sessions list?