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Last Updated: 05 Nov 2020 07:03 by Adam
Created on: 03 Nov 2020 15:32
Type: Bug Report
Download flagged as virus
We downloaded Fiddler Classic from our site for evaluation, and when we try to distribute it via Google Drive (we are enterprise subscribers), we get a virus warning, and the download is not allowed.

I'm guessing this is a false positive, but want to verify that with you, and see if you know why it might be flagged as virus by Google's scanning service.

We are holding off distributing or evaluating the product for now, erring on the side of caution.


Adam Creighton
Studio Head, Enduring Games
Posted on: 05 Nov 2020 07:03

Nick - Thank you so much!


 - Adam

Nick Iliev
Posted on: 05 Nov 2020 06:59

Hello Adam,



We have now double-checked the build. It looks like a false-positive - as you noticed only one specific antivirus check returned a wrongful result (https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/aaa4d714eeaae8f6a96a63110cd239ec44fac75ae591ab181c13ac837e0ec1a4/detection). 



Nick Iliev
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Posted on: 05 Nov 2020 06:12

Thanks for that, Erik!

It looks like only 1/70 (Ikarus) flags at, as Trojan.MSIL.PSW.

Hard to tell if it's an accurate flag, or a false-positive, since it seems extremely suspect that all of the other engines would miss it.

Posted on: 05 Nov 2020 05:45
Your best bet is to upload the downloaded file to VirusTotal.com to see which, if any, engines are flagging it. Because the Fiddler installer is built with NSIS (an extremely popular installer technology used by millions of apps), AV engines sometimes mistake it for something else.