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Created on: 01 Nov 2020 12:38
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"Ignore server certificate errors" - doesn't work


I'm testing a website that has a self signed SSL cert. I can navigate to this URL via an extra warning step on chrome (see attached screen shot).

However via Fiddler, I just get an error that "this site cannot be reached" and I can see it's dropped on the Fiddler side: I can see the tunnel CONNECT request, but no subsequent request.

I've enabled the option "Ignore server certificate errors (unsafe)" and restarted Fiddler, but the problem still persists.


As always, thank you for your work on this.



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Nick Iliev
Posted on: 02 Nov 2020 13:02

Hi Ronen,


The first thing you should verify is that you have the Fiddler root trust certificate installed in your OS (see this documentation article for the classic Fiddler or this KB article for the new Fiddler Everywhere).

The "Ignore server certificate errors" functionality is similar to adding a flag (enabling this non-secure option) in your browser (e.g., see the 8th step here for this flag in Google Chrome). Try the solution s mentioned on the linked page (especially the 8th one so that you are sure that the flag is working with or without Fiddler running).


Nick Iliev
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