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Created on: 16 May 2020 04:23
Type: Feature Request
Improve Fiddler Everywhere Composer UI

I've been a Fiddler user for longer than I can recall. Recently, whilst setting up a new PC I took the opportunity to try out Fiddler Everywhere. Unfortunately after about 30seconds I had to go back and download the original Fiddler.

Here's just a couple of the things that were show stoppers for me:

- No history for composer - this was a useful addition made to Fiddler that I now can't live without

- No way to copy a request from Inspectors view to Composer

- Switching between Inspector and Composer view resets the Composer screen

- Not able to have Inspector and Composer visible at the same time - this isn't really possible in Fiddler at the moment but it feels like it's easier to switch between inspecting requests and composing requests in Fiddler.

- Enabling Https debugging doesn't trust the certificate

It would be great to have Inspector and Composer either in tabs that can be ripped off into separate windows. Ideally it would be great to have multiple Composer windows


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Nick Iliev
Posted on: 18 May 2020 11:17

Hello Nick,


Thank you for your interest in Fiddler Everywhere and for being a valued Fiddler user!

I can confirm that the currently available public version of Fiddler has the observed issues. The team is currently working on a new release, which is expected to be officially published within days. The good news is that almost everything listed as issues is already addressed by the Fiddler Everywhere team and will be available as functionality in the upcoming version. Some of the other features (such as composer history) are currently work in progress as well.


Nick Iliev
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