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Last Updated: 13 Apr 2020 17:15 by Eric
Created on: 10 Apr 2020 14:25
Type: Feature Request
New tab Autorequester
Autoresponder is a great feature, but it works only with response.
I and my coleagues have a many cases when need to replace request headers, params or body

breakpoints isn't good, coze sometimes application dont wait and drops connection to requests

mobile request is post only with curent time in body, but i need to post this request with past time.
Backend is accept body with past requests
I dont have access to DB to change time, and no requests to change time. Also app is works only with current request (i can't use composer to create another request)
Posted on: 13 Apr 2020 17:15 explains the general idea behind modifying outbound requests in Fiddler using either the UI or the OnBeforeRequest event handler in FiddlerScript.
Posted on: 10 Apr 2020 14:32
Functionality can be almost the same as autoresponder
but without delay, redir and etc
or maybe Autoresponder can be rebuild for ability to add request to this tab
and then this tab can be renamed to Autoreplacer or kind of that