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Created on: 08 Nov 2019 15:50
Type: Feature Request
Add edge chromium browser in the list of browsers and also for Autoresponder and context menu to revisit when replaying

For Fiddler to be able to recognize the Edge Chromium process.

To add the Context Menu to Auto replay from the Ribbon Bar where we see the IE Icon and by right click in the request frame to replay it.


The first screenshot shows where I would like to see the Edge Chromium listed under.

The second illustration, shows the Context menu Revisit In option.


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Posted on: 12 Nov 2019 13:29

The "Revisit in IE" button should be changed to "Revisit in (default) browser"; hardcoding it to IE is just goofy. (To be fair, I was on the IE team when this was added circa 2010).

For the "Browse" button in the toolbar, you can make this change yourself.

Type about:config to open the Preferences page. Add a new item named 


Set the value to e.g.

    NewEdge (Private)=msedge.exe*--inprivate %U|NewEdge=msedge.exe*%U

The Selected Session’s URL is passed in the %U parameter, if present.