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Created on: 06 Nov 2019 01:49
Type: Feature Request
Filtering/Selecting "Content-Type" is being done too specific/granular with ALT-click

When right-clicking a session and going into the "Filter Now" context menu, there's a filter option at the bottom which filters by Content-Type. Very useful. However, when using Fiddler's ALT-click function on the session list, ALT-clicking on a particular session's Content-Type column value (in order to select all sessions with that same content-type), it factors in subsequent content-type parameters as a unique content-type.

For example, if back-to-back sessions for a particular website were content-types "application/json" followed by "application/json; charset=utf-8", ALT-clicking on one of their content-type entries in the Content-Type column would not select the other, since ALT-click would view them as different content-types. However, if you right-click either of them and Filter-Now by its content-type (application/json), this will filter both sessions despite the additional parameter appended onto the content-type of the latter session -- this is the more useful methodology, in my opinion.

The Filter-Now rule as it stands is the most/more useful of the two methods, since base content-type is almost always what's most important (in my experience).

Can the ALT-click functionality on Content-Type column values mirror the Filter-Now functionality in only looking at base Content-Type of a session? It would be most useful if so, especially since "charsets" can vary so widely/dynamically across sites, when trying to quickly hone-select on all sessions with application/json (or similar), for example.

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Eric R | Senior Technical Support Engineer
Posted on: 12 Nov 2019 15:03

Hi S,

Thank you for your message regarding Filtering/Selecting "Content-Type" usability. Note that I have converted this to a Feedback Request since this appears to be working as expected. With that said, we have received the feedback and will continue with reviewing it.  

As a token of gratitude, I have increased the priority of the item by adding your vote. I encourage following it to receive status updates.

As always, we welcome any additional feedback you may have. Thank you.


Eric R | Technical Support Engineer
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