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Last Updated: 01 Feb 2019 16:14 by Eric
Created on: 31 Jan 2019 02:26
Type: Feature Request
History: PostMan
I use Fiddler to compose requests in addition to tracing HTTP requests going through my machine. However, Fiddler really lacks in maintaining history of your previously composed requests. In this area, POSTMAN really shines, and therefore, some folks might move to POSTMAN. We don't have to have fancy features but the ability to organize your requests in the History will be much appreciated.
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Posted on: 01 Feb 2019 16:14

think you're saying that you want more organization of the History sidebar in the Composer tab, is that right?

For what it's worth, you can use Session Clipboards (on the Tools menu) to organize, save, load, and manipulate lists of requests; these requests can be drag-dropped onto the Composer for replay.