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Created on: 22 Feb 2018 05:59
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HTTP/2 Support
HTTP/2 has been a standard since mid-2015.   All major browsers support it,  but adoption is slow because there no good debugging tools.    I want to take advantage of pipelining, server push, etc that comes with HTTP/2 which makes it easier to adopt packages like gRPC.    Having a good debugging story (both capture as well as insertion / modification) would make this more possible
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Posted on: 23 Oct 2018 05:00
Our customers are increasingly migrating to HTTP2
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Posted on: 28 Feb 2018 06:00
.NET Core 2.1 Preview allegedly has the required ALPN support
Posted on: 22 Feb 2018 06:00
Related: https://github.com/dotnet/corefx/issues/23177