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Scheduled for 5.0.0 (15 Nov 2023) (R1 PI1)

The Tooltip Template of the Gantt behaves strangely in a WASM application. It flickers and does not display any information. Reproduction in REPL which is essentially a WASM app:

The issue is not reproducible in a server-side application using the same code.

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Release 4.5.0 (08/30/2023) (R3 PI2)
Gantt dependencies are not rendered correctly in the latest Chrome
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Release 4.5.0 (08/30/2023) (R3 PI2)
Set the Display scale to 150%, for example, the dependencies are rendered incorrectly. 
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When the Start and End Dates are far from the DateTime.Now, Gantt freezes the entire application. 
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I am trying to make the Blazor Gantt control fill a container width and height.

If I set the height of the Gantt control to 100%, it resizes to fill the container except for the tree part of the Gantt control as it stays at whatever size the window was when it first loaded.

===== ADMIN EDIT =====

Meanwhile, as a workaround, you can add a bool flag that will refresh the whole Gantt upon resizing the container. Here is an example of this approach I have prepared at the following REPL link.

You may notice a little flick with this workaround. However, you can cover it with a short loader.
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Release 4.3.0 (06/07/2023) (R2 2023)

I have a page with a Gantt chart and a Button. The button navigates to another page in the app (NavigationManager.NavigateTo()). When I click the button an exception is thrown:

Exception trace: Error: Microsoft.JSInterop.JSException: An exception occurred executing JS interop: The JSON value could not be converted to System.Double. Path: $ | LineNumber: 0 | BytePositionInLine: 4.. See InnerException for more details. ---> System.Text.Json.JsonException: The JSON value could not be converted to System.Double. Path: $ | LineNumber: 0 | BytePositionInLine: 4.
 ---> System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot get the value of a token type 'Null' as a number.

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1. Go to

2. Scroll to the end of the timeline horizontally

3. Move the mouse pointer to timelineTooltip appears in the wrong place

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Created by: René
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The FilterMenuType Parameter is available for GanttColumns but is is ignored.  The FilterMenuType of TelerikGantt is always used.
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Release 2.29.0
Gantt dependencies do not render correctly under German (Deutschland) culture
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In the Timeline numeric editor the increase/decrease step is 0.01. However, the increase/decrease step of the Gantt Tree numeric editor is 1.  This allows you to increase the Percent Complete value to higher than 1(standing for 100%) and thus break the component.
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Release 2.27.0
The Timeline is not rendered correctly. I have to click anywhere in the Tree to render the Timeline.