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Release 3.7.0 (09 Nov 2022)

After an upgrade, I have a DateRangePicker bind to null values, and the dates showed when opening the drop-down date selector are "January 1900 - February 1900". Previously (in 3.3), it was showing the current month and year.

It seems that a bug was introduced in 3.4.

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Release 3.3.0

After the 3.1 update, the OnChange event no longer fires. It fires only on Enter key press.

See this REPL link.

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Created by: Özmen
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Recently I used your DateRagePicker component

At that it is noticeable that the translation of its labels into German language went wrong.

Because "Start" - "End" is recognized as verb for the aim of translation.

Instead there should be used the nouns. 

Better it would be translated follows: Start --> Von    End --> Bis