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Is there a way to designate which element is the area to start a drag?


=====ADMIN EDIT=====

In the interim, as an alternative approach, you have the option to specify the drag handle element using JavaScript to selectively disable the dragging functionality for all elements within the ItemTemplate, except for the intended drag handle. Here is an example: REPL link.

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2024 11:07 by Arnold
I would like to drag all selected items from one ListBox and drop them to another. 
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I have a ListBox on the same page as an Editor. I want to drag items from the ListBox to the Editor. Currently, it is not possible to drag items outside of the ListBox.

The drag events will also allow me to get the dragged item, so I can remove it from the ListBox's data when the user drops it in the Editor.

Please expose OnDragStart / OnDrag events to allow me to achieve that. Also, enhance the OnDrop event to allow dropping items outside of the ListBox.