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Describe the bug
When boostrap.min.css is loaded on the page, the positioning of the Gantt tasks within the task rows is incorrect. The task are not centered and start overlapping the next row. Additionally, misalignment between the rows in the timeline and the treelist appears.

To reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:


The misalignment increases with each next row, so it becomes more evident, if you scroll down the view.

Expected behavior
Tasks are centered within their row. Timeline and treelist rows are aligned.


Affected package (please remove the unneeded items)

  • theme-default
  • theme-bootstrap
  • theme-material
  • theme-tasks

Affected suites (please remove the unneeded items)

  • Kendo UI for jQuery

Affected browsers (please remove the unneeded items)

  • All

Build system information (please remove the unneeded items)

  • Not Applicable

Additional context
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Last Updated: 18 Nov 2021 09:26 by ADMIN
Release 2021.R3.SP.next

Bug report

Regression introduced in R1 2021 SP1. Possibly related to #6597.

Reproduction of the problem

Reproducible in the Kendo UI for jQuery Overview demo, the MVC Overview demo, other demos, and in the attached sample project.

  1. Run a demo or the project (the project requires a reference to Kendo.Mvc.dll to be added).
  2. Open the dev tools Network tab.
  3. Double click a child task in the Timeline view to edit it.
  4. Modify the task's title, e.g., a character to the title text.
  5. Save the task.

Current behavior

Multiple requests are sent to the Update action. One for the edited task and additional one(s) for the parent task(s) depending on the level of the edited task. This happens only on initial edit of that particular task. Subsequent editing results in only 1 request to the Update action.

Expected/desired behavior

Every time a task title is edited, only 1 request to the server should be sent.


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.3.914
  • jQuery version: x.y
  • Browser: [all ]
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Release 2021.R1.SP.next

Bug report

A regression introduced in R3 2020. The issue is reproducible when editing a child task in the treelist. It works as expected when the percentComplete value is set in the timeline.

Reproduction of the problem

Reproducible in the demo.

  1. In the treelist, modify the % Complete value of a child task (e.g., Design UI)

Current behavior

The % Complete value of the parent task is not updated.

Expected/desired behavior

The % Complete value of the parent task is updated.


  • Kendo UI version: 2021.1.119
  • jQuery version: x.y
  • Browser: [all]
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I have developed an application where I am displaying records in kendo Gantt chart, Initially I want to display only title and give user the option to select start & end date.  This means that I need to pass null value for start & end date, but I could not find the option. Could you please help me with it.

Also I want to add validations for start date & end date i.e. if user does not enter start & end date an alert should be displayed specifying user to add dates.

Please let m know whether its possible or not & if possible how should I go ahead with it.