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When the Scheduler control is bound a datasource that includes a Boolean value/column in the database the Spreadsheet column presents this as "true" or "false" strings.


Allow alternate strings such as  "Yes" or "No" to represent a Boolean. Would of course need to update the datasource appropriately on Edit of a cell that uses this presentation.

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Created by: Ryan
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Hello, I did not see this in any of the examples, or I just missed it. With this control, are you able to use an editor template for the fields you add? A lot of my existing forms, I use an editor template for the fields, but I don't see that option here. For example, I have a editor template defined for use of Date/Time fields that has the settings defined that I want to use throughout the website.

Can this be done using the form component?

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Please implement native DateTimeOffset support to the filtering and sorting in the MVC Kendo grid.
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Grid should have facility to set timezone from server side(like Scheduler). Rather than display dates in client side timezone.
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It would be great to have the option of ForeignKey column bound to a remote data source. This would be useful to get the data asynchronously from a table in database and all the changes made to that table in realtime without having to get that data locally.
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I would like to see a separate assembly that can be referenced both on ASP.NET MVC and Application server side and that the DataSourceRequest can be transformed into a DataSourceResult on the Application server side and sent back to the website.

At the moment this is not possible due to the non-generic definitions of the DataSourceRequest and DataSourceResult classes. 

Referencing Kendo from the Application server side also requires references to System.Web and others that shouldn't be necessary.

Statically typed transport serialization should be supported, as required by WCF, Message Queuing or even Protobuf. Such transport mechanisms are required by N-Tier environments.

At the moment, if all DataSourceRequest's should be processed on a web server and propietary database licensing is in effect (ex. for MSSQL) where the cost is per port, it would end up being very costly.