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My team and I work on science-related applications often dealing with very small numbers, like 0.0000000000456.  We actually have calculated values stored with over 300 digits to the right of the decimal (one of our current values is 1.70747723470817E-307), so we store them in our databases in Scientific Notation.

We have begun using the Kendo UI NumericTextBox with ASP.NET MVC throughout our applications, and we would like to provide our users with the ability to input values in Scientific Notation; for example, allow a user to type 7e-17 instead of having to type 0.00000000000000007.  We use the kendo.toString() functionality to display values in Scientific Notation, but we need to allow our users to input values using Scientific Notation.

Is there any way we can accomplish this with the Kendo UI NumericTextBox?  If not, could this feature be added?

Thank you for your assistance,