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We are trying to convert the example below but in ASP.NET Core 3.1 project. 

- https://github.com/telerik/ui-for-aspnet-mvc-examples/blob/master/editor/database-image-browser/DatabaseImageBrowser/Controllers/ImageBrowserController.cs

Currently, some of the classes and functions related to image resizing and creating thumbnails do not exist for UI for ASP.NET Core. We would like to ask for the above-mentioned classes to be supported in UI for ASP.NET Core.

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Currently, EditorImageBrowserController of the Editor requires IHostingEnvironment which is outdated in Asp Core 3.1.  The IHostingEnvironment is replaced by IHostEnviornment

- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/compatibility/aspnetcore#hosting-ihostingenvironment-and-iapplicationlifetime-types-marked-obsolete-and-replaced

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At the moment I'm using the ImageBrowser in the Kendo editor.

A user contacted me and reported she would like to browse through the images in the ImageBrowser in a list view instead of tile view (thumbnails with text).

However, I couldn't find a suitable way to achieve this.

Does the current imagebrowser/editor have this functionality and if so, could you help me achieve this please?


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can we have the same functionalities as the AJAX html editor? 
There are a number of controls missing from the new editor that was not in the old telerik editor. including Add spell check, cut, copy and paste {several options}, undo, redo, new paragraph, horizontal rules, insert time, insert symbol. Anyway to bring those functionalities into  ASP.net core?
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Add support for multilevel lists in the Editor. Currently, multilevel lists pasted from Word into the Editor are not functional. Adding child items does not work, because the Editor renders nested lists as <p> elements, instead of <ol> and <li> elements.