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An error occurred while running the wizard.

Error executing custom action Telerik.Windows.WPF.VSX.Actions.UpdateReferencesAction: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): This reference cannot be removed from the project because it is always referenced by the compiler.
   at VSLangProj.Reference.Remove()
   at Telerik.VSX.Internal.ProjectManagement.ApplicationProjectAssemblyReference.RemoveReference()
   at Telerik.VSX.ProjectConfigurators.ApplicationReferenceManager.RemoveReferences()
   at Telerik.VSX.ProjectConfigurators.ApplicationReferenceManager.UpdateReferences()
   at Telerik.VSX.Actions.UpdateReferencesAction.UpdateReferences(IProjectWrapUIComponents projectWrap)
   at Telerik.VSX.Actions.UpdateReferencesAction.Execute(WizardContext wizardContext, IPropertyDataDictionary arguments, IProjectWrap project)
   at Telerik.VSX.Actions.ProjectActionBase.Execute(WizardContext wizardContext, IPropertyDataDictionary arguments)
   at Telerik.VSX.WizardEngine.Actions.ActionBase.Telerik.WizardFramework.IAction.Execute(IWizardContext wizardContext, IPropertyDataDictionary arguments)
   at Telerik.VSX.WizardEngine.ActionManager.ExecActions()
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After installing the WPF software I was not able to open any project in VS 2017 without it hanging.


In the end I removed the VS integration and was able to resume development.


It was the only Telerik component I had installed. I can't find the version number but it was the latest of the website as of 17th Oct 2019.


Can you explain why this happened?