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Created by: Marco
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Having Problems with unreadable Tabs in RadPaneGroup: TabsSqueeze.png

I think I found a Solution with OverflowMode and ScrollViewer:

<telerik:RadPaneGroup x:Name="DocumentGroup" ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Auto" OverflowMode="Scroll">


After Loading Layout the OverflowMode is not respected anymore.

I found this ticket in Silverlight, what discribes the Problem and is approved: Docking: I would like OverflowMode to work for all RadPaneGroup in xaml/codebehind and this be persisted through SaveLayout/LoadLayout

And i found this documentation, which say, using OverflowMode can lead to unexpected behaviors:

so i report this as a feature instead of a bug.

Please sea atteched an example project:
Usage: Save and than Load the Layout -> Scrolling of tabs break

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Is there any option to create a connection line as a blank rectangle. At present I can see only solid lines only. Please see the attached image, and suggest how to get top two connection types.

Decline reason: The diagram exposes an API that allows you to create custom geometry for the connection. You can override the CreateGeometry(), CreateSourceCapGeometry() and CreateTargetCapGeometry() methods of RadDiagramConnection and create custom geometries. See the CustomConnectionCap SDK example:
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I have a scenario where I only want to unhide the pane when certain property of the document is true.

For example: I have 3 panes A,B and C

Panes A and C are visible.

Active Pane should always be Pane A.

By default pane (B) is hidden.

Now when I set the IsHidden Property of the pane B to FALSE. Pane B now becomes the active pane.

I still want Pane A to be the Active Pane, but show the Pane B in background.

If I try setting the Pane A to be the active pane after Pane B is shown. It flickers which you can see here

Is there any way i can unhide the pane in background while the active pane remains the same without having this flickering scenario.