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Created by: Tavi
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Category: UI for WinUI
Type: Feature Request

I use a lot of very cool UI controls found in the Telerik UI UP control suite; our customers love these controls:

  • RichText for HTML 5 presentation of email messages
  • ScheduleView
  • Diagrams - we use drawings for BP, WF and Data flows
  • Docking - super popular
  • Syntax Editor
  • CardView
  • SpreedSheet
  • Expression Parser
  • Expression Editor
  • Layout control
  • Expander
  • Desktop Alert
  • Transition Control
  • TimeBar
  • Wizard
  • Window
  • SplashSceeen
  • Callout
  • Drag and Drop Interactions
  • Calendar
  • Persistence Framework
  • more..

You guys already know these capabilities don't exist as polished UI controls WinUI 3; we can't adapt and migrate to WinUI 3 / MAUI and lose these excellent presentation and interaction models. What other types of data and information would help your team to prioritize the development of these controls for WinUI 3. I know we can use some WinUI 3 UI control in our WPF apps, but going the other way is impossible.

Like many other technology companies out there in the wild, we aren't a UI Control development company as core skills focus on other technologies; however, we need the absolute very best 3rd part commercial grade and hi-fidelity UI controls to start with a base.  So for us, I'm not going to invest in a UI framework that turns the company into a Telerik - that's not what we do. Yes, we do develop custom controls, but it is the exception.