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Created by: Curtis
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Category: FileDialogs
Type: Bug Report

I'm not sure what happened here but this dialog box has gone from extremely slow to unusable.

Sure, I'm on a network but that shouldn't matter.  My local box is the initial folder and it's a normal, regular, business level working machine with a few hundred files in some folders and more/less in others.  NO FOLDERS with shocking numbers of files...  Yet this takes 2-4 MINUTES to load:

If Me.dialogOpenFolder.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then
    FolderName = Me.dialogOpenFolder.FileName
    FolderName = ""
End If

The only other time this dialog is references is in FormLoad and here's that reference:

dialogOpenFolder.OpenFolderDialogForm.ThemeName = Windows8Theme1.ThemeName


I'd love to continue using this control since visually its light-years ahead of the built-in Folder Select dialog box...but as stated its unusable.

Is there *ANYTHING* I can do to speed this up?  It feels like its going out there and collecting all folder data from my entire network (which is massive) - can this be turned off or WISIWIG?

Any help would be lovely :)





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Created by: Peter
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Category: FileDialogs
Type: Bug Report

I use the RadOpenFileDialog with the MultiSelect property set to True. My test folder contains 105 files with sizes about 1 to 2 kb and all the same extension.  If I select multiple files with <ctrl>+<mouse left> the selection behaves as expected. If I select multiple files with <shift>+<mouse left> I have to wait al long time. Unselecting the file by clicking on an unselected entry is also very slow.  If I try to select all files with <ctrl>+<A> the dialog remains busy and does not respond anymore. 

My code for testing is as simple as this:

        private static void TestFileOpenDialog()
            RadOpenFileDialog dlg = new RadOpenFileDialog();
            dlg.InitialDirectory = @"path to files"; // 105 files with sizes from 1 to 2 kb
            dlg.Filter = "my files (*.mal)|.mal";
            dlg.FilterIndex = 0;
            dlg.MultiSelect = true;
            DialogResult result = dlg.ShowDialog();