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The following themes are affected: Office2019Dark, Office2019Gray, Office2019Light, CrystalDark:


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Release R3 2022

Use the attached project and try to collapse the panel:


this.radCollapsiblePanel1.EnableAnimation = false;

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Release R2 2022 (LIB 2022.1.322)

Use the following code snippet:

        Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.HeaderText = "This is a very long header text that doesn't fit in the available space"
        Me.RadCollapsiblePanel2.HeaderText = "Sample header text"

You will notice how the button is clipped:

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Add a RadCollapsiblePanel and put a RadFilterView in it. When the panel is collapsed and then expanded, the editors' text in RadFilterView is clipped. 


            FilterViewNumericCategoryElement numericCategory = e.Category as FilterViewNumericCategoryElement;
            if (numericCategory != null)
                numericCategory.MaxValueSpinEditor.TextBoxItem.MinSize = new Size(0, 18);
                numericCategory.MinValueSpinEditor.TextBoxItem.MinSize = new Size(0, 18);
            FilterViewDateTimeCategoryElement dateCategory = e.Category as FilterViewDateTimeCategoryElement;
            if (dateCategory != null)
                dateCategory.MinValueDateTimePicker.TextBoxElement.TextBoxItem.MinSize = new Size(0, 18);
                dateCategory.MaxValueDateTimePicker.TextBoxElement.TextBoxItem.MinSize = new Size(0, 18);

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Hi team again,


The expand button becomes oval and shrunk in high DPI. It scales correctly in the default theme, but incorrectly in other themes - I tested Crystal/Material/Fluent and neither worked. Please see ss attached for your reference.


Thanks a lot.