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To reproduce: please run the attached sample project and follow the steps illustrated in the gif file.
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Type: Bug Report
To reproduce:
1. Add a RadStatusStrip at design time.
2. Add a RadWaitingBarElement at design time.
3. In the Properties section of Visual Studio set the WaitingStyle property to DotsSpinner. You will notice that the WaitingStyle is not serialized. If you run the application the default WaitingStyle is displayed.


Set the WaitingStyle  programmatically at run time. 
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So, when I drop a RadStatusStrip on my radForm. In that object, I then add a RadWaitingBarElement. Then I change SPRING = TRUE and WAITINGSTYLE = "Dash", all in the properties window.  At design time, it looks good.  However, at run time, it reverts back to the default bar and just scrolls across the screen.  Did I find a bug? Do I need to change other properties of the RadWaitingBarElement?  Also, I noticed that when I change the WaitingIndicators in property page, those changes to take affect either. Very confusing and frustrating


 We are using Telerik version 2018.3.911.40