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Dear sirs,

 i am using the RadFileExplorer control within my Winforms application. I experience exceptions with the stock control from within your demo application using this control.

See attached animated GIF

Steps to reproduce:

1) open a Windows file explorer and browse to any folder like E:\TEMP

2) Create two empty folders in the target destination of E:\TEMP

3) open the winforms demo app and open the "File Dialogs" screen. Open the RadFileExplorer sample

4) browse to the same location as your File Explorer (like E:\TEMP) where you created the new folders

5) from within the RadFileExplorer control, delete one of the folder. all works well

6) In the Windows File Explorer, create a new folder. It will appear within the RadFileExplorer display.

7) close the RadFileExplorer demo screen, reopen the RadFileExplorer demo screen

8) browse to the same location as before (E:\TEMP)

9) From within either the RadFileExplorer control OR the Windows File Explorer delete the new folder created in set 6 above

** Exception: "Changing Children Collection of an already disposed element"

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When the user specifies initially a FileName for the RadSaveFileDialog, it shouldn't get cleared once you select another folder either in the tree view or in the list view. The Filename should be reset only when you select a file (not a folder) similar to the MS SaveFileDialog. The attached gif file illustrates the behavior of the MS FileDialog
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I use the RadOpenFileDialog with the MultiSelect property set to True. My test folder contains 105 files with sizes about 1 to 2 kb and all the same extension.  If I select multiple files with <ctrl>+<mouse left> the selection behaves as expected. If I select multiple files with <shift>+<mouse left> I have to wait al long time. Unselecting the file by clicking on an unselected entry is also very slow.  If I try to select all files with <ctrl>+<A> the dialog remains busy and does not respond anymore. 

My code for testing is as simple as this:

        private static void TestFileOpenDialog()
            RadOpenFileDialog dlg = new RadOpenFileDialog();
            dlg.InitialDirectory = @"path to files"; // 105 files with sizes from 1 to 2 kb
            dlg.Filter = "my files (*.mal)|.mal";
            dlg.FilterIndex = 0;
            dlg.MultiSelect = true;
            DialogResult result = dlg.ShowDialog();


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Created by: Curtis
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I'm not sure what happened here but this dialog box has gone from extremely slow to unusable.

Sure, I'm on a network but that shouldn't matter.  My local box is the initial folder and it's a normal, regular, business level working machine with a few hundred files in some folders and more/less in others.  NO FOLDERS with shocking numbers of files...  Yet this takes 2-4 MINUTES to load:

If Me.dialogOpenFolder.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then
    FolderName = Me.dialogOpenFolder.FileName
    FolderName = ""
End If

The only other time this dialog is references is in FormLoad and here's that reference:

dialogOpenFolder.OpenFolderDialogForm.ThemeName = Windows8Theme1.ThemeName


I'd love to continue using this control since visually its light-years ahead of the built-in Folder Select dialog box...but as stated its unusable.

Is there *ANYTHING* I can do to speed this up?  It feels like its going out there and collecting all folder data from my entire network (which is massive) - can this be turned off or WISIWIG?

Any help would be lovely :)