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Created by: Brie
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We use WPF for a lot of our work - having Test Studio available for use while using WPF and .NET 5 is a highly desired feature for us.


Thank you!

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When it comes to automated testing of the API, it would be useful to support human-readable (markdown/html/pdf) formats.


We (dev & qa team) want to use the generated output file as documentation to make the test cases & results easily accessible for the product manager and colleagues without licensed access. The supported xml file already contains a lot of information about the tests.

The human-readable version does not need to be multilingual, English is perfectly sufficient. The format only needs a standard like markdown, html or pdf.


We would need something like that: 
C:\>"C:\Program Files\Telerik\Test Studio for APIs\Bin\ApiTesting\runnerconsole\Telerik.ApiTesting.Runner.exe" test -p "C:\DemoTests" -o "C:\result.md" -f markdown