Last Updated: 05 Aug 2020 11:28 by Mirzodaler
When using a custom IReportResolver, it gets invoked to resolve the main report but does not get called for any sub/child report. This generates inconsistent handling of the report resolve and also makes it hard to have a single repository for report templates.
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Created by: ADRIANO
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Type: Feature Request

Sometime the design of the report is too complex (the graphic design) and using a table for suppressing repeating values is not possible.

It would be really nice to have the Suppress if duplicated property in the textboxes so as to be able to use it in the detail band, also it should repeat it only on the first detail of a new page.


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Created by: Andreas
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It would be nice to add a network graph to one of the available chart types. Below is an example of what I am referring to.