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Created by: Fred
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Type: Feature Request

In the Schedule I want to set the specific name of the attachment instead of the Report's intern name.

I have a report named Report xyz per period with parameters for day-, week and month report.

When I make a schedule I cannot set the name of the attachment when I sent it by mail, it's alway Report xyz per period.

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To localize the reports I now set the Localizable parameter to true and Culture an Language options to nl-NL (for the Netherlands).

So for Dutch customers that will be alright, but when I want to send a report to an English customer I must now make a second report with en-EN.
It will be nicer when I can change that in the schedule.

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Created by: Jerel
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A great feature would be to add security over the connection strings that a user can choose from in the server. We have a development and production environment and we want to allow people to write reports but we don't want them hitting production data because they don't always build efficient queries which can take the production database down.

This would help allow access to development and production separately and help keep the DBA from yelling at me :)
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Created by: Mhd.Ahd
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The ability to pass a connection string, or prepared data source name, by aspnet/mvc/winforms/wpf viewers.
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I am new to the product (Telerik Report Server Q1 2016). I have followed the Installation guidlines to setup Telerik Report Server on my machine but failed to install the product.

Error description: The product Setup failed to automatically configure IIS. Please make sure the IIS and ist ASP.NET/ASP.NET45 features are installed and run the Setup again.

I have been trying to find a solution for the past 3 hours but failed.

My machines is running with:
OS : Windows 10
.NET Framework: 4.6
Visual Studio: VS2015
IIS: 10.0 

Any Information would help.