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Created by: Nico
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Type: Bug Report

When updating to .net8 the following snippet doesn't work with target net8 (maui 8.0.3). Same works with net7 (up to 7.101).
Stops me from targeting net8.

            BackgroundColor="{AppThemeBinding Dark={StaticResource ListElementColorDark},
                                              Light={StaticResource ListElementColorLight}}"
            IsVisible="{Binding CanSearchMore}">
            <telerik:RadBorder Padding="8,10" Style="{StaticResource ListItemContainer}">
                <Label HorizontalOptions="Start" Text="{Binding SearchMoreText}" />
                <TapGestureRecognizer Command="{Binding SearchMoreCommand}" />

1. TapGestureRecognizer: Command is not executed / Click not detected
2. Style: Having a PointerOver in "ListItemContainer" works with net7. Doesn't work with net8