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Feature Request:

At present, the fields.editorTemplate option of the Filter widget is exposed to modify and customize the editor widget for the value.

However, the DropDownList widgets for the fields and operators cannot be modified via the exposed configuration. For instance to add the Search(filter) functionality


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I implemented the filter you can find on the documentation page. Let's say that the filter consists of a few fields and three of them are:

  • "First Name",
  • "Second Name" and
  • "Last Name".

I want to have a filter named "Name" and be able to search all three items - instead of having three different filters. I have read the documentation but it does not seem to be any reference to it. I thought of something like the following might be possible:

fields: [
    logic: "or",
    { name: "firstName",  type: "string", label: "Name" },
    { name: "middleName", type: "string", label: "Name" },
    { name: "lastName",   type: "string", label: "Name" }


Any workaround would be much appreciated.

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I notice you have added support for specifying the format of expressionPreview fields, which is great when handling dates and numbers, so thanks for that.

However, ideally I need to be able to use a template for the expression preview for certain fields. For example, take the scenario where you are filtering for 'user_id'. Currently I'm using a custom editor to present a drop-down list of user names to pass the user_id to the filter, which works well, but the expression preview looks like:

User Equals '132'

rather than:

User Equals 'Fred Bloggs'

If I could use a template for the expression preview, I could use a function to display the name associated with the user_id.

This is just one example: there are many others where a template would be useful in the Filter Panel expression preview.