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Hi Team,

In kendo scheduler add a vie more(...) option in week view which is not available. It is very add to read if more appointments are there in a week.




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Dear Telerik team.

Currently you use hard coded formats to display dates and times.

majorTimeHeaderTemplate: '<span class=\'k-time-text\'>#=kendo.toString(date, \'h:mm\')#</span> ' + '<span class=\'k-time-period\'>#=kendo.toString(date, \'tt\')#</span>'

It would be nice if you would respect the culture settings and at least I would not have to change the templates every time I use a scheduler.

I didn't check all your widgets, but I guess the scheduler is not the only one ignoring the culture settings.

Please make use of the current culture settings/patterns

Thanks in advance


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Created by: Pallavi
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   I  wanted achieve some Changes in Agenda view of scheduler  Is it Possible

1. Want to drag and drop the event of Agenda page Up and Down

2. Calculate the total time of Event

3. After drag and drop the Event up and down the starting and Ending time of Event Change According to Total time

I am new in kendo UI so I don`t have any idea Is it possible to reflect this changes in Agenda page

attached SS please look forward It.

Thank You