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See Kendo UI v2019.1.220 Distributed Source Code module kendo.splitter.js _resize() method (Lines 285-240) 


1) The splitter _resize method iuses jQuery width() and height() methods to set pane sizes.

2) These methods get/set the clientHeight and clientWidth of the pane element rather than the offsetWidth and offsetHeight. 

3) If any pane has a border or padding, the last pane will extend beyond the limits of the splitter element.

4) Recommend using offsetWidth and offsetHeight to get/set all pane sizes. 

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Adding animation on splitter would be better, currently there is no animation on splitter. animation like slide,fade in, fadeout would be fine.
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Allow sliding panels much like you do for the AJAX splitter control.  This feature would be very nice if it was working with tablets.
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Created by: Nohinn
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Some kind of animation for the splitters when you collapse/expand them?
Even nowadays there are people not used to the web environment, and if the collapsible pane just hides instantly (or almost) they will first think 'Where did my *whatever* went!?' so having some kind of easing they would see where did it go.