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Created by: ICT
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i'm trying to use the WindowService customizing the messages (tooltip) of the action buttons.

Seems that the custom labels are not shown and i have a console error

preview-2f5baf5affd53e419d85b.js:1 ERROR TypeError: Cannot set property 'closeTitle' of undefined

Here an example:

any suggestions?



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Created by: William
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Category: Window
Type: Bug Report

I found an issue with the kendo-window component. Sometimes when you have a window component with an embed element inside it and you start dragging the window and then click inside the embed element (In the example a PDF viewer), after that you click again in the window’s title bar the window is stuck in the dragging state and it keeps following the mouse pointer even when you already release the mouse button.

It is an odd behavior and we need to know how to stop this, but without disabling the dragging functionality for the kendo-windo.

Here is the repro-case in stackblitz:

Perhaps you need to try clicking over several times in order to reproduce this behavior.

The problem is that in our application the pointer position remains inside the embed element and we can’t click the title-bar again to release the dragging mode.