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Created by: Troels
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report

When using the Grid control inside an Angular component which is shown in a dialog (via MatDialog), the component is not properly destroyed after closing the dialog. The same problem doesn't occur when the component instead contains, say, a TreeView.

The problem occurs in Angular 8 and 9, in the Chrome browser. I've created an Angular 8 demo here: and an Angular 9 demo here:

Run the demo, press the "Open dialog" button a number of times, then take a heap snapshot in the Chrome dev console (be sure to first select the proper Javascript VM instance, containing "angular-thr9j1" or "angular-ksfrqy"). The component shown in the dialog is called "MemoryLeakDialogComponent", so use that as a filter. You'll see that for every time you opened the dialog there's now an instance of the component on the heap.

The MemoryLeakDialogComponent contains just an empty kendo-grid tag with no attributes. If you edit its dialog template to instead contain a kendo-treeview component, everything is properly destroyed and garbage collected, which leads me to suspect a memory leak in the Grid component.