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Release 2024 Q3 (Aug)
Created by: Michael
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Category: DateInput
Type: Bug Report

The input should be focused after the user clicks the clear button.

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Reproduceable example:

In my use case, I have custom components that wrap each of the telerik date controls (date picker, time picker, etc). They each expose a SelectedDate/SelectedTime/etc. bindable property. The SelectedDate is populated when the telerik control in my component (like TelerikDatePicker) fires OnChange. I use this instead of ValueChanged to avoid too many UI updates while the user selects a value in the UI, such as when typing. The OnChange event fires when the date input loses focus, but if the date input didn't have focus when the clear button is clicked, it never loses foucs and never fires OnChange. Let me know if this isn't intended to be supported and I should just be using ValueChanged instead, but to me OnChange would imply it would fire in all cases when the value can also change through ValueChanged, just less often.

Steps to reproduce (I used a TelerikDatePicker in the code above but I could reproduce this locally with date time picker and time picker - it's related to the underlying DateInput):

  • Enter a date into the date picker, either through typing or using the calendar popup
  • Cause the date picker to lose focus by clicking away
  • Click the clear button
  • Notice that the date is cleared from the UI control, but it doesn't call OnChange, so the date on the page never updates

When I discovered this locally, clicking the clear button would not clear the date visually from the date input as well as not updating the actual date variable. In the REPL, I was not able to replicate this - the date clears visually in the UI.

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Created by: Meindert
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Category: DateInput
Type: Bug Report

The DateInput rendering performance worsened in version 4.6.0 and the component renders more slowly. This is easily visible when there are multiple DateInputs on the page:



When you check and uncheck the checkbox, the DateInputs appear more slowly with version 4.6.0.

There is also a Grid, which is commented out. If you show it, the virtual scrolling will exhibit a temporary freeze before rendering of the new rows - the user sees the loading skeletons for a second even after they have stopped scrolling.

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To reproduce:

move focus to a DateInput (whole date input is in focus)

Type in 01 into the DateInput, and the caret will move to the end, but no value filled.
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Release 5.1.0 (31 Jan 2024) (R1 2024)
Created by: Stefan
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Category: DateInput
Type: Bug Report

The DateInput and all related date/time pickers display 1970/1/1 after programmatic Value clearing and subsequent focus.

The behavior was correct until version 4.6.0 inclusive.

<TelerikDateInput @bind-Value="@DatePickerValue"

<TelerikButton OnClick="@( () => DatePickerValue = default )">Clear Value</TelerikButton>

@code {
    private DateTime? DatePickerValue { get; set; } = DateTime.Now;

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Release 5.0.0 (15 Nov 2023) (R1 PI1)


This is easily viewable in your demos.  Using Safari, go to:

Try to use keyboard arrows left and right and up/down to change date.  It doesn't hold the selected date part.  

Works fine in Chrome / Firefox.

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This issue is for all date inputs when having a higher latency (physical distance between the server and the end-user) the value of the date inputs is not correct. 
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Release 4.1.0 (15/03/2023)

Using Telerik Blazor 4.0.1.  Previously on 3.5.0, there were no issues.  The only other difference is .NET 7.0.


Create a blank Telerik Blazor Server project and use the attached index.razor.  In the OnInitialized, there are two lines that set the DateTime.  The first one works but the second one results in the TelerikDateInput field showing h:mm AM instead of 12:00 AM.


Am I doing something wrong?  If so, what changed from 3.5 to experience this?






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Release 4.0.0 (18 Jan 2023) (R1 2023)

Currently, if the component has DebounceDelay and loses focus before the delay has passed, the Blur event is fired before the ValueChanged event. 

This bug extends to DateInput, DatePicker, DateTimePicker, and DateRangePicker

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Deleting a date segment clears the entire date and automatically focuses on the last date segment.
Last Updated: 21 Nov 2022 15:17 by David

If you use the FloatingLabel, when you tab into the DateInput control, the cursor is set at the very end of the text of the date format. However, if you do not use the FloatingLabel, and you tab into the DateInput control, the placeholder text is selected.





The report is initially opened for DateInput, however, it also targets the rest of the date pickers that are compatible with FloatingLabel.

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Release 3.6.0 (14 Sep 2022) (R3 2022)
I found that I cannot capture the OnBlur event.
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Release 3.5.0
Created by: David Rhodes
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Category: DateInput
Type: Bug Report
We've just noticed that OnChange is not firing on TelerikDateInput (3.4), if I roll back to 3.3.0 it works fine.
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Release 3.0.0
DatePicker loses focus when used as data editor in the Grid and the input date starts with 0, for example 05/05/2020. As attached file, you can see a screen recording of the issue.
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If you use the format "yyyy-MM-dd" type in a full value and go back to change the year part the focus changes to the month part.

For example enter 2022-01-10 and then go back with the mouse to the year part. Type in 20. The focus then changes to the month part before completing the year part.

This happens with other formats as well when you use MM. The leading zero seems to screw things up. If you play around with the control and changing stuff you will notice that the focus function does not work.

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Release 2.30.0

Create the WebAssembly CRUD example from the New Project Wizard and go to the Form page.

Type a year in the date picker. Do not remove the focus and type another year. After doing this a few times the input visibly lags and the form becomes slow.



A potential workaround could be to disable the pointer events so that the users will have a harder time focusing the input so they are more likely to use the drodown to choose dates:

   .k-datepicker .k-dateinput input {
        pointer-events: none;

another approach is to avoid the two-way binding that happens on every keystroke, and use the OnChange event to update the model, for example:

<TelerikDatePicker Value="@person.StartDate"
                   OnChange="@( (object dt) => person.StartDate = (DateTime)dt )"
                   ValueExpression="@( () => person.StartDate )"
                   Width="100%" Id="StartDateDP">


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Release 2.9.0
Created by: Jamie
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Category: DateInput
Type: Bug Report

Recreational steps:

1. Typed "05"

2. Typed "right arrow" (select month part)

3. Typed "03"

4. Typed "right arrow" (select year part)

5. Tried typing "2020"... but as you can see things went strangely.